Do You Still Get Bicycle Exercise Benefits from an E-Bike?

Bicycles are convenient, economical and eco-friendly. They’re the only method of transport that also gives you a cardio workout. But, with electric bikes becoming more common, many ask the question: does an e-bike still give you the expected bicycle exercise benefits? Read on to find out the answer.

Bicycle Exercise Benefits 101

Physical activity is important to stay fit and healthy. When you’re living a hectic life, it’s easy to ignore cardio, but this can cause health problems in the long run. Just a few minutes of cardio each day will make a whole world of difference.

The benefits of cycling are well documented, but not many people realize their full extent. Specifically, biking is good for you because:

  • It’s a great muscle workout. Biking uses all major muscle groups.
  • It’s low impact. Biking is less stressful than running and other workouts.
  • It boosts stamina. Biking increases stamina through aerobic fitness.
  • It’s easy to start. Anyone can hop on a bike and start cycling. It does not require a high level of physical fitness to begin.
  • It’s adjustable. Cycling can be as intense or as casual as you want it to be. You can ramp up your speed as you get fitter.
  • It saves you time and money. If you use your bike as a method of transportation, you will be more active, get where you want faster, and spend less money on public transport.
  • It’s fun. Yes, riding your bike can be fun. Cycling down hills or next to the beach can lift your mood and put a smile on your face.

What About E-Bikes?

E-bikes are basically regular bicycles with an electric motor installed. The motor kicks in whenever you’re not pedaling to help you along. Some bikes have a pedal assist mode, where the motor helps you pedal easier.

Researchers compared regular bikes with e-bikes when it comes to exercising, and simply put, e-bikes have all the benefits of biking, plus more.

Specifically, e-bikes help you exercise because:

  • They help you along. While you might feel tired and stop early with a regular bike, your e-bike will help you keep going. If you have to cycle a long distance and feel uncertain about it, you can just rely on the motor to assist you when you’re tired.
  • They trivialize hills and headwinds. You can cycle normally in flat roads and just rely on the motor to boost you up hills or against headwinds.
  • They bridge the gap between bicycles and motorcycles. E-bikes solve the dilemma between taking your bicycle or your motorcycle. You just hop on your e-bike and enjoy the best of both worlds.

Level Up Your Bike Today

Excited about bicycle exercise benefits? Find out all about e-bikes and how to convert your bike to an e-bike at Leeds Bicyclology.

At our site, you’ll find tons of lifestyle advice, product reviews and more articles about e-bikes and cycling. Come on in and get ready to supercharge your bicycle experience today!


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