Awesome Electric Bike Accessories and Gadgets to Improve Your Ride

Believe it or not, sales of biking accessories have outstripped spending on bikes themselves by nearly 30%. That means for every biker out there, there’s a gearhead looking to make their ride even better.

With the right bike accessories, you can make any ride anywhere a fun and exciting adventure.

Here are four must-have accessories for your bike rides.

1. Phone Holder

When you’re out for a long ride on your e-bike, you need access to GPS, music, to communicate with your friends, and more. Having a phone holder allows you to have everything at your fingertips without fumbling for your device. A phone holder can keep your phone secure while also making everything you need visible.

A good phone holder should look and feel secure. It should have a stand that’s not only sturdy but can be moved in the ways you need it to be. Get one with a warranty to be sure it lasts for as long as you need it to.

2. Mileage Counter

A mileage counter could be more useful than you think. A small device attached to your frame could keep track of mileage, speed, and even help to calculate calories burned while riding.

If you like to keep things minimal when it comes to tech, your mileage counter could give you lots of assistance with traveling on long distances on your e-bike. You won’t have to worry about getting too lost if you know how many miles you’ve traveled and how many you have left.

3. Speaker

Nothing helps you get over tough hills and through long distance rides like good music. No matter what genre you listen to, any music at all can help you keep the pace of your ride and stay motivated as you speed along.

Your speaker should be a wireless Bluetooth speaker compatible with your phone or device. It should be able to be mounted somewhere on your bike and most importantly, it needs to be loud enough for you to hear over the rushing of the wind. If traffic is drowning out your speaker, it could be more trouble than it’s worth to bring it along.

Make your morning commute fun by adding a speaker to the mix.

4. Splash Guard

While lots of great gadgets can improve your ride at any time of year in any weather, there’s nothing to beat a practical item that makes riding easier. If you’ve ever ridden in the rain or mud, you know: a splash guard is a must for any rider.

While it’s not always the most attractive item to add to your frame, a splash guard can keep you from getting filthy water thrown on your back as you ride.

Bike Accessories Make Biking Fun

Your bike accessories should be chosen with the same amount of care that you use for your bike itself. When you trick your bike out with the best gear around, you make biking way more fun and can encourage other bikers to ride with you.

If you’re thinking about biking more with your family, check out our report on what it means to bike as a family.


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