How to Convert Any Bike to an E-Bike

The global market for electric bikes is expected to reach a whopping 24.3 billion U.S. dollars by 2025. That’s a massive leap from the six billion dollars it was estimated at in 2015.

Why the massive increase? Why are so many people switching to electric bikes?

For one thing, electric bikes have a substantially low environmental footprint. They’re also fun, reduce congestion, and can lower your commuting costs. What’s not to love?

Ah ha. The cost. Buying an electric bike can put a dent in your pocket, but they don’t have to.

You can easily convert any bike into an electric bike with a quick and simple installation. You’d be surprised by how simple a DIY electric bike conversion can be.

Thinking of taking the plunge? Read on to see what’s involved.

1. Assess Your Needs

Before you do any converting, assess the type of battery pack and motor you need. This will depend on how long you need your powered ride to last, and how far you want to travel on electric power. If you’re mostly going to be traveling on flat terrain during short trips, a smaller light motor will do the trick.

2. Buy an Electric Bike Conversion System

It starts with buying an innovative e-Bike kit. They have all the components and parts you need to convert your traditional bike into an electric bike. Regardless of whether you’re a newbie or veteran, the kits make the conversion a simple task. No need to worry about buying different parts from different retailers that might not be compatible with each other – we’ve put it all together for you.

3. Attach Your Motor

The small nearly soundless motor fits neatly inside your bike’s wheel hub or bottom bracket. The motor is encased within the hub of the wheel, so all you have to do is replace one of your bicycle’s wheels with the new hub motor.

4. Add Your Battery and Controller

Easy peasy, use the nifty weatherproof battery bag that comes with your e-Bike kit to bolt the battery onto your bike’s frame. Naturally, you’ve also got a trusty lithium battery charger, making sure your battery is charged for your ride. Likewise, the controller easily bolts onto the frame.

5. Throttle

When in doubt, throttle it out by easily sliding your throttle over the end of your handlebar.

6. Connect It All Together

The last step for your electric bike conversion but certainly not least, the cable system niftily connects all the pieces together. To secure them to your snazzy new e-Bike, you even get cabling zip ties.

7. Customise

With so many additional gadgets and accessories out there, you have plenty to choose from to add some special pizazz to your DIY e-Bike. Choose from accessories like cruise control, regenerative braking, fenders, grips and digital multimeters, to name a few.

Buy an e-Bike Kit

Now that you know how easy it is to convert your standard bike to an e-Bike, take a look at our selection of e-Bike kits today.


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