Electric Bike Battery Charging

Electric bike battery charging

Experienced electric bike users recommend that an e-bike battery be fully charged before initial use. For NiMH and Li-Ion batteries, approximate charging time is four to six hours and for SLA batteries, approximate charging time is six to eight hours. You can also refer to your battery’s User Manual for specific charging instructions. We offer all our information online and when it comes to batteries we only sell li-ion electric bike batteries, but we offer more battery information to help you with ALL your battery charging needs because it is likely you have hundreds of batteries throughout your home whether you realize it or not.

panasonic electric bike battery cell

The electric bike battery consists of electric li-ion battery cells.

After initial use, a Li-Ion or NiMH battery should be charged at least once every 90 days. SLA batteries generally require more frequent charging—once every 30 days if not regularly used, or after each use if used regularly.

We also want to remind you to ALWAYS turn off a product that uses a battery after every use. If the power switch is left on overnight, and the battery hasn’t been charged for awhile, your battery may fail to charge altogether and eventually die completely. In this case, your only other option is to purchase a replacement battery. For this reason, we include an auto shutoff capability in our li-ion electric bike battery systems to prevent over discharging. This will allow you years of use on and off the road to ride covertly in any weather you face.

If you need assistance choosing an e-bike battery, or have questions regarding e-bike parts, please call us at 866.933.8716.


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