How Far will a Li-ion Electric Bike Battery power my Bike on a Ride?

Li-ion electric bike battery performance

There are many factors that go in to determining the distance one can travel on a single charge using their Leeds electric bike battery. These include wind resistance, temperature, load, terrain, pedaling cadence and effort – even bike style and size. When choosing which battery will work best for you, it is important to take into consideration the following questions:

1. Am I going to be pedaling along with the natural cadence of the bicycle, or would I rather let the bike do the work for me?

While this may seem like a simple question, it greatly impacts the distance you can travel. All of our estimated electric bicycle battery distances are measured WITH pedaling, so I always tell customers if they won’t be pedaling, they should plan on about 40% less performance.

For me, pedaling along feels the most natural, and when I encounter hills, it seems only fair to put in a little more effort personally, as I know the motor is having to put in a little more effort as well. However, I know we have many customers who, for various reasons, are unable to pedal, or just would rather enjoy the sensation of free-motion travel. To them I say, great! To each his own!


There is no “right way” to use your e-bike conversion kit. But there is a best way. The best way is to allow the electric bike motor to “assist” you. That is why we often refer to an electric bike and electric bike kit as an electric bike assist. Just know and understand that not pedaling will lessen the estimated distance per charge significantly. So plan accordingly.

2. What are the conditions on my daily commute?

Do you live in sunny Florida, or will you be pedaling through the steeps of Alaska? Trust me, it makes a difference. Optimal traveling temperatures are around 60 degrees Fahrenheit. Extremes in either direction can increase (heat) and decrease (cold) the distance you can achieve on a single charge. As can wind resistance.


Is the terrain in your local area mainly flat? Rolling Hills? Or do you want to overcome that steep S.O.B. that has always plagued you three-quarters of the way through a difficult ride? If you plan to encounter hills (many or few), this will decrease the distance as well. Our battery performance tests for distance were done on mostly flat terrain, on an optimal day with median temperature and little to no wind resistance.

3. What kind of bike am I installing my e-bike battery on?

We have found that road bikes and hybrid style bikes achieve the highest performance, followed closely by beach cruisers and mountain bikes. However, if you are installing your ebikekit on a tricycle, recumbent, or tandem, your mileage will decrease, not significantly but it will decrease. The same goes for wheel size.

Highest distances are achieved using the largest electric wheels. (29er, 700c and 26″). Our testers used 700c wheels. When you get into the smaller electric wheel sizes (24″, 20″ and 16″) you may notice a slight decrease in battery performance. The bonus, however, is that smaller electric bike wheel sizes produce more torque, which is an interesting trade-off and likely the reason for the decrease. Geared electric bike motor hubs are especially known for their torque. They are “torquey” buggers!


4. What is the total load my battery will be pulling?

This is measured by adding your bicycle’s weight, your weight, and the weight of any gear you will be towing. I get asked all the time by people interested in converting to electric if they are too heavy for our ebike kits.  The answer is almost ALWAYS a resounding “NO!”

Please never let weight inhibit your ability to get out and get some exercise and fresh air! Just keep in might that higher weights will slightly lessen the distance your battery can travel on a single charge. This definitely isn’t always rider weight. We have many customers who are pulling trailers, towing kids along, transporting groceries, college textbooks, hunting & camping gear, you name it.

When I was in the military I commuted to base every day and pulled a trailer behind my electric bike full of gear and uniforms. On days we had inspections, I would roll in without about 70 pounds of gear in my duffle bag secured on the trailer. My colleagues thought I was a weird “bike nut.” So did I! 🙂

The sky is the limit. Aren’t electric bikes amazing!


So, what does this all mean in real numbers? Below you will find a copy of our 250 Watt 24 volt e-bike battery data chart for all the specifications of each of our 250 Series E-Bike Kits.



You’ll notice that our 30k Samsung battery, for example, is rated for up to 20 miles on a single charge. When customers call and ask me about this electric bike battery in particular, I let them know that most people are averaging between 15-18 miles per charge on this particular battery. With some quick mathematics, you can determine real world riding performance.

Based on the conditions mentioned above, your number may be slightly lower or higher than this. Fell free to also visit our electric bike kit reviews for real-world scenarios offered by our customers. These reviews contain their experiences with Leeds Electric Bike Kits. Look for distances our customers have achieved.

I hope this guide helps in choosing exactly which battery is best for you. Call us at 866.933.8716 anytime if you have questions. We are here to help get you riding!


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