Electric Halloween: Trick or Treat E-Bike Style

trick or treating with an electric bike

Living in a rural area can be tricky when it comes to taking your kids trick or treating.  I have always been opposed to driving my kids from house to house. Not only does it feel lazy to me, but I worry about the safety of all the little ghosts and goblins out running around not watching for cars. But walking can be tedious when the houses are few and far between. Kids want to run around door-to-door on Halloween. Not me!


This year, I decided to enlist my trusty Leeds eBike conversion kit for the job. All I had to do was hook up the old bike trailer, toss in a couple of kids, and hit the road. It. Was. Awesome! The only problem I ran into was my jealous father-in-law… 🙂

This is my Father-in-Law. Isn’t he cool! He loves coming over to help us with the kids on Halloween and was very intrigued by my e-Bike setup. Since he had never ridden an e-Bike before, he naturally wanted to take a turn. I took a minute to show him how it worked, pointing out the super quiet 8FUN Electric Bike Motor and the high tech Lithium-Ion e-bike battery.

He loved it so much he took over my trick or treat mom duties and I was reduced to candy passer-outer and door answer-er. Oh well, he had a better costume than I did anyway! He earned the e-bike kit for the night. (No, that is not his normal hair.) He wishes!


Since I was stuck back at the house, I decided to do some research on Halloween and bikes. There are some really clever ideas on the internet for incorporating your bicycle into your Halloween costume. With the amazing affordability, reliability and convenience of an e-bike kit, who wouldn’t want to combine the two? Here are some of my favorite ideas. I’m keeping these filed away for future years!

  1. The equestrian e-bike enthusiast. This would be a great choice for one of our new 500w kits. With the added power and torque, you could fly up hills and impress all of the trick or treaters!

People riding their Bikes

2.  Space Explorer. Give the kids a real scare when your rocket booster is activated with the touch of a button. The electric bike throttle or button on your ebikekit that is. Genius!


3. Commuter turned e-Biker. Give up the daily grind and convert your commute. The other Moms and Dads out there toting their kids around may take a cue from you and think about a more environmentally friendly way to commute, too!


4. Classic movie characters with bikes. Phone Home? With the portable ebike USB charger on our new 500 series electric bike batteries, calling home from your e-Bike has never been easier!

Classic movie characters with bikes

All this one needs is a little Doggie to put in the basket. Oh, you don’t have a bicycle basket? We can help with that, too! Try this costume and you may make the Dorothies throw water on you!

Old Bike

5. The e-Bike Fairy Tale. My personal favorite. Ok, ok, this one may not be the easiest to pull off, and my husband may kill me if I ask him to construct a life-size carriage that looks like it was made out of a pumpkin. But, if it can be done, you’ll need an ebike conversion kit to pull it off, so I’ve got that part handled already. And that little princess up there in the bike trailer would love me FOREVER. Yes, this one is definitely on my to do list for next year. Gotta dream big!

Halloween and Bike

Whatever your Halloween plans were or are for future Halloweens, we hope they included a Leeds electric bike kit. And we hope you all have a fun and safe, spooky holiday!


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