500 Series (500 Watt) E-Bike Kits crowdfunded on Kickstarter

500 Series E-bike kit by Leeds Bikes

The 500 Series Electric Bike Kit is more than just a conversion kit, it is a fully integrated high power electric system that completely brings your bike to life and transforms how you interact with the environment. It is the most simple 500 Watt electric bike conversion kit available for the lowest price imaginable. The 500 Series sets the standard for high performance kits and disrupts the electric bike market. Since the introduction of the Five Minute E-Bike Kit, Leeds has sold thousands of our 250 Series Kits and received countless requests to increase the power and speed of our first electric bike conversion kit. You demanded more and we listened.

For the 500 Series we returned to our manufacturers with our needs and collaborated to bring the best of various features into one single kit for half the cost of our competitors’ offering using our new proprietary battery management system and controller integrated into simple housing. This, combined with powerful brands like Samsung, Panasonic, Sanyo and 8Fun, give your bike super powers.

The 500 Series Kit Includes:

  • Fully Laced and Trued Wheel Set
  • 500 Watt 8Fun Planetary Motor
  • Cabling for All Components
  • Flexroute Universal Cable Guides
  • V12 Pedal Assist Sensor (PAS)
  • KM-SS LCD Computer (Velocity, Battery Power, Travel Time, 5 PAS Levels)
  • 36 Volt Samsung Li-ion Battery System (11000mAh Tube or 13000mAh Rear-Mount)*
  • Weatherproof Tube or Rear-Mount Battery Housing
  • Lithium Battery Charger (USA/International 110-240v)
  • Rear Carrier Frame for the Rear-Mount Housing
  • Proprietary Battery Management System (BMS)
  • Variable Thumb Throttle
  • Front Torque Bracket Arm
  • Proprietary Controller
  • 2 x Battery Housing Keys
  • Installation Instructions
  • Limited Warranty


1) A geared motor creates greater torque for starting motion and for climbing hills. There is not a better motor system for hill climbing and immediate power when starting a ride.

2) A geared motor is free-spinning which does not create any resistance when you pedal without the battery engaged. This is particularly important for times when you want to ride without the extra speed and power or if a battery runs out on a longer ride and you still need to pedal in order to arrive to your destination.

So what are people’s first impressions?

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m9PZx9nk1ok?feature=oembed&wmode=transparent]

What are the options?




We have been in business almost three years now and continue to deliver on our promises since our first Kickstarter with high quality electric bike kits and outstanding customer service. We intend to deliver on time and as promised with this kit. 500 Series Kits will be available January 2016. We are a year into development on these kits and only provide the best high quality electric bike kits on the market at affordable prices, but also follow through always supporting our customers every step of the way. But don’t take our word for it, see what our customers have said about us and our 250 Series kits that were introduced in 2013 on Kickstarter.


  • Kickstarter Campaign – 29 September to 3 November 2015
  • Submit Estimated Orders to Manufacturers in Germany, Shenzhen, Hong Kong, and Chosin – Before 4 November 2015
  • Manufacturers’ Deliveries to Utah Warehouse – Between December 15 and 31, 2015
  • Build Wheels and Complete Kits for Shipping – Between December 15, 2015 and January 31, 2016
  • Ship and Deliver the 1st 50 Orders – by January 25, 2016
  • Ship and Deliver the 2nd 50 Orders – by February 15, 2016

To bring the 500 Series Kit to market, we need your help! Getting the word out there is extremely important to help us make this happen. Our mission is to help clean the environment and reconnect with biking. Only you can make that happen! A tweet goes a long way…



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