250 Series (250 Watt) Electric Bike Kit Battery Care FAQ

ebike conversion kit battery maintenance

Q: Does the battery come charged?

A: Only partially charged. You may find that your li-ion e-bike battery has a charge in it when you first receive it, but we still recommend a full 6-8 hour charge before use.

Q: On the on/off switch, which side is “on” and which side is “off”?

A: As a side note, it doesn’t matter if your battery is “on” or “off” while charging. You will get a full charge either way. But after you have charged it, be sure to turn it off until you plan on putting it on your bike.  Otherwise, it will slowly drain from being turned “on”, even if not being used. For this reason, we always recommend keeping the battery turned off when not in use.

2015 Switch

2015 Switch “on” Position

2015 Switch

2015 Switch “off” Position

LEED 2014 Switch

2014 Switch “on” Position

Q: Is the switch supposed to light up?

A: No, the switch on the battery does NOT light up.

Q: Is there any way to gauge the amount of juice left in the battery?

A: Yes and no. Yes, the only way to estimate the amount of battery life you have left is to utilize a bike computer. Say you are using your new e-bike kit to commute to work. And say you have a 9 mile commute.  If you have a 10k battery (which averages around 7-8 miles per charge for most people), after making your regular commute several times, you will notice that it runs out of juice in nearly the exact same spot every time.  They are very consistent.  So, if you were to use your bike computer to measure the distance traveled, you would know exactly when your battery was about to run out of power. No, the 250 Series does not come with an LCD directly connected to the battery that gauges precise battery capacity, unlike our 500 Series electric bike kits.

Specialized Speedzone Sport

Specialized Speedzone Sport

Q: Why no battery LCD? 

A: Well, the simple answer is that a quality LCD increases the cost of the kit as well as possible product failures. Our customers have indicated to us that they would rather keep the costs of the kit low and have a long lasting product than have this feature. That is our promise to you. The best value for your money in the e-bike industry. We have to weigh these types of decisions based on how they would affect the overall value, and for now, we have chosen to remain at our unbelievably affordable rates.

Q: How often can/should I use the battery?

A: We would love for you to utilize your battery every day! You will not harm it from “overuse”. Quite the contrary. The batteries thrive on activity. It is much more damaging for batteries to sit on a shelf, unloved and unused. Go out there and use your kit like crazy, but post pictures please #RideLife on Instagram and @Leedlife on Twitter.

Q: What should I do if I’m not going to be using the battery for an extended period of time, or how should I store it?

A: Your battery will miss you. It will be lonely. It is best if you can visit it, at least once every few weeks and give it a good charge. Then, if you can, turn your bike upside down and let the battery run for a few minutes so the battery gets some use. It will be so happy! Studies have shown that lithium Ion batteries don’t want to be stored fully charged. But it is worse to put them away “dead”. A dead battery is a very unhappy battery. If you are using the battery consistently, it is fine to fully charge and let sit between uses. If you are going to store the battery for several months, optimally, batteries should be stored between 30%-60% of capacity. We realize this is difficult to do, since you can’t officially “measure” battery life. As a good rule of thumb, after a full charge, either ride the bike a few miles, or if that isn’t an option, use the method described above, where you turn the bike upside down and run it for 10-20 minutes. If it is going to be several months where you can’t use your battery (for example, a long Alaskan Winter…), perform this function at least once every couple months. Your battery will thank you by providing you with years and years of happy riding!

Q: Is the battery waterproof (is it ok to ride in the rain)?

A: Hmmm…… water resistant yes, waterproof, technically NO, the battery is NOT entirely waterproof. Please do not drop it in a swimming pool. However, we have many customers who live in rainy climates, and with the right precautions, you CAN use your e-bike kit in the rain. The battery is designed in a fully enclosed capsule as well as a denier bag for extra protection, however, this only makes the battery system water resistant and it is possible it could be damaged in extremely wet conditions. If you think you will encounter wet roads or conditions on your bike, it would be wise to invest in one of our Leeds weatherproof e-bike battery frame bags.

LEED Weatherproof Frame Bag

LEED Weatherproof Frame Bag

Q: In how cold/how hot of temperatures is it ok to operate the battery?

A: As a general rule, batteries like to be cool, not hot. However, we have customers from the Yukon to South Africa, and we think EVERYONE should be able to enjoy an e-bike, no matter how extreme your climate. Again, having the right protection for your battery is key. Make sure your battery is stored in a bag that does not cause your battery to sweat, and does not allow in too much of the cold. While in motion, your battery should be able to withstand nearly any temperature. However, you need to take extra precautions when your bike is not in motion. Don’t ever leave your battery outside in extreme temperatures. As soon as you finish your awesome ride, remove the battery and bring it inside your home, the same way you would a beloved pet, or your mother-in-law. Even she deserves to come inside when it’s 20 below.

Q: Is the charger a “smart charger”?

A: Why yes, it actually is. It will automatically stop the charging process as soon as it reaches capacity. However, it is still a good idea to remove the battery when the charge cycle is complete. People ask all the time if it is ok to put their battery on the e-bike charger overnight the same way they would their cell phone? Absolutely.

LEED Smart Charger

LEED Smart Charger

Q: Is the battery supposed to get hot while charging?

A: Yes, it is normal for the battery to feel hot. The charger may also feel hot.

Q: Is the battery supposed to get hot while discharging?

A: This one is tricky. Yes, the battery should definitely feel warm while in use. However, if your battery is HOT, I mean like “ouch! Hot”, this may be an indication of a problem. Call our toll free number 866.933.8716 and someone can help you troubleshoot the situation if you feel the battery is overheating.

Q: Are all your batteries interchangeable (can I purchase a second battery, or upgrade to a bigger battery, while using the same connections)?

A: Absolutely. Many, many of our customers own several of our batteries. Whether you have a 10k battery or an Ultra, Samsung or a Panasonic Ultra+, rest assured you can use the same charger and motor cord for all. Isn’t that convenient!

Q: What is the shelf-life of the battery (how long does it last)?ttp://www.e-bikerig.com

A: Our batteries are rated for 1500 nominal charges. So, if they are well cared for, they will last years and years! There is more information about this on our “battery data chart” on our website or here on the e-bike blog. Panasonic and Samsung cells in this class are designed to last around eight years.

Q: What makes your batteries better than your competitors’?

A: We only carry the top of the line, Lithium Ion battery cells. These are regarded in the industry as being the highest performing battery cells, which is why you will find Lithium Ion batteries in many high performing devices such as your cell phone, laptop computer, or in Tesla Motors electric cars. On top of this, our batteries include a proprietary Battery Management System (BMS) unavailable in competitors’ battery systems. Our BMS establishes a regulated norm for the performance of your battery, increases a sustainable ride, and protects your investment. But, more importantly than all that jargon is our unmatched WARRANTY.


Q: What does your warranty cover regarding the battery?

A: Full warranty coverage information can be found here and would include loss of function after normal wear and tear, but I wanted to give you a few examples of things that would NOT be covered.

  • Leaving your battery in a freezing garage for a long, dark, sad winter and then noticing the following spring that for some reason it isn’t performing the same as last year.
  • Wrapping your battery in a plastic grocery bag to protect it from water & cold, then realizing that the poor battery got “sweated” like an old man at a bathhouse after months in this condition. (This really happened…..)
  • A wreck, epic fail, or epic tale. Whatever you want to call it, it happens, it can cause damage to your battery, and we can’t cover it. But send us a photo and we’ll give you a new battery at our cost. It is our “crash replacement” pricing.
  • Putting your battery on the dash of your car while you run into the store and coming out to discover you have melted it with extreme hotness. Seriously, if it’s too hot for you in there, it’s too hot for your battery.
  • Using your battery to attempt the first e-bike climb up Mt. Everest. While our batteries are excellent at assisting with most hill climbs, we do occasionally come across customers who are trying to use them to climb hills that are just way beyond any 24 Volt/250 Watt capabilities. In this situation, they usually end up overheating their battery and completely blowing the electric bike controller. Usually this can be fixed by purchasing a new controller from us. They are relatively inexpensive and will get you back on your bike as quickly as we can ship it to you! Just ask for “crash replacement” pricing if this happens.
  • Leaving your battery on the electric bike charger for weeks at a time. This is no bueno.


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