The 500 Series (500 Watt) Electric Bike Kit has arrived

500 watt electric bike kit

Oh, the long awaited 500 Series Electric Bike Kit is here. What joy this brings to so many here at Leeds as well as so many of our loyal customers. This has been a big topic of conversation when talking with customers over the past year. The demand has been the push we needed to get this product off the ground. We received so many requests and suggestions to get the 500 Series Kit underway and it has come to fruition. Fruition, what does that even mean?!


(fro͞o-ĭsh′ən) n.

  1. Realization of something desired or worked for; accomplishment: labor finally coming to fruition.
  2. Enjoyment derived from use or possession.
  3. The condition of bearing fruit.

We look forward to what our customers have to say about its performance, value and fun-ness level! We are so proud of the 500 Series Kit. The 500 Series is great for the road, commuting, mountain biking, recreation and leisure.

A little background on the long awaited 500 Series Electric Bike Kit- It was born and raised (literally) with our Kickstarter Project back in November of 2015. We more than met our goal and alas the 500 Series is being ordered in parts and pieces so we at Leeds can build each custom order and ship them off to all our backers that supported our Kickstarter project.

We will be shipping our Kickstarter orders in series throughout February. We are so thankful for the support and to all future Leeds Purchasers of the 500 Series Kits. Thank you! What a fun project this has been for us here at Leeds!A man clicking the photo of a woman


Before we go any further, just to let you know, the 500 Series Electric Bike Kit is now available for purchase! Please visit the 500 Watt E-Bike Kits at to shop for Electric Bike Kits online. The wait is over! Just to give you an idea about the 500 Series Electric Bike Kit, here are some techy bits and pieces to motivate you to purchase one for yourself. Complete specifications are available here: The 500 Series.

When we compare the 500 Series to the 250 Series we are looking at twice the power. It is a 500 watt motor with a 36 volt battery. It is the most simple 500 Watt e-bike kit available for the lowest price imaginable. The 500 Series sets an incredibly high standard when compared to any other high performance kits. And it has even more power, speed and functionality! You can transform your ride with a simple installation and optional features that are included with all our kits at no extra charge.

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With so much hype before the 500 Series has even been shipped, we have received many questions. So, to give you an idea of what all future 500 Series Kit owners are asking go here and click on the E-Bike Kit QUESTIONS link on the bottom left of the page. It is full of questions and answers. This will answer many questions you may have.

A good question to ask yourself before you purchase is if you want the “Tube Mount Battery Housing” or “Rear-Mount Battery Housing.” It simply depends on where you want the e-bike battery to ride on your bike. The “Tube-Mount Battery Housing” has a range of up to 25 miles, while the “Rear Mount Battery Housing” will travel up to 30 miles on a single charge.

The 500 watt 8FUN “geared motor,” AKA planetary motor, is in the hub of your front wheel. It’s a planetary gear inside the water-tight electric bike motor housing that multiplies the torque of a smaller, lighter motor when compared to the direct drive hub motors or gearless electric bike motors.

The geared e-bike motor is rated for 500 Watts by 8FUN, the manufacturer. Essentially, the motor can run at 500W of power infinitely, without wear and tear. But 500W is far from the motor’s maximum power. When tested by commuters out on the road, the testing has shown that our 500 Watt 8FUN bicycle hub motors support up to 1000 Watts, since the motor rarely needs the full 1000 Watts continuously. The motor contains a V10 Pedal Assist Sensor (PAS), which was requested from our customers.


The handle bar LCD is a small module with three buttons to control the display. Up/Down and MODE (on/ off). It is that simple!



Our 500 Series (500 Watt) Electric Bike Kit comes standard with a 36v Lithium-Ion e-bike battery system (11,000mAh Tube-Mount or 13,000mAh Rear-Mount). The 500W electric bike kit propels an average-weight cyclist approximately 20 mph with the 36v battery without pedaling.

For best performance of electric bike kits, we suggest a maximum weight of 300 pounds, for rider, bike with motor, and cargo. Performance on steep hills is degraded when the total weight is over 300 pounds. ALL electric bike kit wheels are hand built here in the Leeds warehouse for maximum quality assurance at a reasonable cost.

Because the motor diameter is small, these performance electric bike kits are offered in the very small 16”, 20”, 24”, 26”, 27.5″, 29er and 700c rim sizes. You can also add a tube and tire to any motorized bike kit. A couple more features highly requested that are included with the kit is the variable thumb throttle, Peddle Assist (PAS), USB port, 36V 2Ah Smart Charger with balancing, proprietary electric bike controller, and a Front Torque Bracket Arm.

The electric bike controller adds protection for increasing battery life and constant power. This controller is designed for 36 volts and can handle up to 600W. When it comes to the battery charger, a fast charge is what we all want while balancing a correct and complete charge. The e-bike battery charger will charge your battery in four to six hours and it protects against overcharging with an auto shut-off.

electric bicycle kits

We are excited to get the 500 Series Electric Bike Kit shipped to you. We look forward to hearing of the good times had! Please visit our 500 Watt E-Bike Kit installation article. Contact us if you get stuck at any point of the installation 24/7 by email at and 9-5 MDT M-F at (866) 933-8716 by phone.





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