Leeds 250 Watt vs. 500 Watt Electric Bike Kits

electric bike conversion kit options

Leeds offers two unique electric bike conversion kit models. The 250 Series (250 Watts) and 500 Series (500 Watts) are available at leedsbikes.com. Each kit is designed for the end user’s requirements and include 8FUN geared motors, Samsung and Panasonic li-ion battery systems, and long-term warranties. Here is a video that explains the benefits and features of the 250 and 500 Series Electric Bicycle Kits by Leeds.


The 250 Watt Electric Bike Kit is best for those looking for an easy install, a mid-power system, and a kit that does not have a learning curve. We’ve found that most of our 250 Watt customers are baby-boomers and younger e-bike commuters alike. The 250 Watt kit is a very simple system to operate, is lightweight, keeps your bike a bike, which means you can ride it with or without power, and offers power on demand with a simple-grip throttle system. The Leeds 250 Watt Kit is offered with various battery systems based on their lithium capacity to ride various distances:

  • PBJ – 4 Miles
  • 10k – 10 Miles
  • 10k+ – 12 Miles
  • 30k – 20 Miles
  • 30k+ – 24 Miles
  • Ultra – 40 Miles
  • Ultra+ – 50 Miles

The video below contains aerial footage of a hill-climb in the mountains of Utah. Notice that the 250 Watt Electric Bike Kit provides assistance up the hill for a more natural pedal, but not enough to climb without pedaling.

250W E-Bike Kit Conversions from Leeds Customers


The 500 Watt Electric Bike Kit is designed for those looking for a more complex multi-purpose kit and a high-power electric bike with pedal assist sensors (PAS) and thumb throttle system controlled with an advanced LCD computer. We’ve found more of our 500 Watt E-Bike Kit users are people looking to significantly decrease their commute time and convert to a high power electric bike without having to purchase an e-bike that would generally cost $2,000 – $4,000. The Leeds 500 Watt E-Bike Kit is available in two versions based on battery placement of the Samsung Li-ion Battery System:

The video below contains aerial footage of a hill-climb in the mountains of Utah. Notice that the 500 Watt Electric Bike Kit provides sufficient assistance up the hill that the cyclists do not need to pedal.

500W E-Bike Kit Conversions from Leeds Customers


There are other nuances between the two models such as how the electric bike battery is placed on the frame, USB operability with the 500 Watt tube battery, e-bike controller placement, and more.



Please feel free to contact us about our electric bike kits by phone (866) 933-8716, email sales@ebikemybike.com, or on chat on www.e-bikerig.com anytime Monday-Friday 9-5 MDT. We are here to help and answer any questions you may have about electric bike kits.


We also encourage you to explore the e-bike blog for articles about Leedss electric bike kits and e-bikes in general, both the 250W E-Bike Kits and 500W E-Bike Kits, as well as our social media accounts on Facebook and Instagram for more customer conversion photos and great electric bike articles.



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