Double-Wide E-Bike Kit Torque Washers for Odd-Shaped Bicycle Forks

double wide torque washers for ebike motors

It’s true that here at Leeds, we are able to fit over 95% of our customers with one of our amazing e-bike conversion kits. But what about the other 5%? We want absolutely EVERYONE to have the opportunity to experience riding an e-bike with a low-cost solution.

So, we have great news if you happen to have one of those “hard to fit cases”. One of the issues we hear from the 5% is that there just isn’t quite enough clearance between the front forks to fit the motor hub. When this happens, typically you will see, hear, or feel a little bit of rubbing somewhere on or around the motor hub.  Here are some examples of what this may look like:



In this case, the customer’s bike did indeed have the 3.9 inches of clearance required when measured from her dropouts, however, due to an angled fork, which became narrower as the fork moved toward the frame of the bike, there was some rubbing that occurred.

Here is another example:

fork rubbing


As you can see, this customer was literally within milimeters of being able to clear the hub motor.

Well, we have a solution. If you already own one of our electric bike conversion systemse, then you know that the torque washer or c-nut is one of the most important pieces of the entire kit. The torque washer is responsible for ensuring that the motor remains stationary while allowing the wheel to spin.  When properly installed into your dropouts, this piece is basically the cog which the entire motor operates around. Without it the wheel can free-spin.

However, because the torque washer must remain in contact with both the motor AND the dropout notch, adding any additional washers to give you additional clearance is very tricky. We have had some customers who have been able to safely do it in the past, but others who have not had the clearance. The answer seemed clear. We needed a larger Torque Washer.

We consulted with a metallurgical and mechanical engineering firm in order to create a solution.

electric bike c-nuts


Finally, “We have a solution for that!” So, if you think you might be able to benefit from these double wide c-nuts or torque washers, click here to purchase. We’ll ship you a set!


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