500 Series Electric Bike Kit Rear Carrier Assembly Instructions

500 Watt Electric Bike Kit Rear Carrier Assembly

500S Electric Bike Kit Rear Carrier Installation Instructions

Electric Bike Kit Rear Carrier Battery Assembly Instructions

Begin the assembly of the 500 Series Electric Bike Kit rear carrier battery by removing any existing rack from the rear of the bicycle. Be sure to keep the attachment bolts as you will need them for the new carrier.

If there is no existing carrier and you do not have the original carrier bolts, then you will need to purchase four attachment bolts from a local hardware or bicycle shop. These are not included with the electric bike kit. Each bicycle is unique and requires different bolt sizes.

Loosely attached the long black rectangular attachment straps to the holes in the bike frame at the rear hub using the bolts from the old carrier or the new ones you have purchased and use the last hole in the strap that is separated from the other holes.

Examine the carrier and note that the e-bike battery attachment point is at the front of the carrier. The reflector on the e-bike battery is located in the rear. Tilt the carrier backwards and insert the front tie down rods into the front of the carrier. Loosely tighten the rods under the base of the carrier and lower the carrier onto the attachment straps while selecting a hole that will allow the carrier ledge to fit horizontally. Tighten the bolts on the attachment straps. Tilt the carrier forward until the rack is horizontal.

Adjust the length of the tie down rods so the carrier can be attached to the holes at the top of the bicycle frame. Use the bolts you have from the old carrier to attach the e-bike battery rack to the frame and tighten the adjustment bolts, which hold the rods under the carrier. Check that everything is tight and slide the e-bike kit battery in. Use the key to lock the electric bike battery it in place. Be sure the battery connector cable is free of any obstruction.

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