5 Tips on Preparing for an Ebike Ride

have fun on your electric bicycle ride

With an increase in electric bike kit availability, more people are getting their own. Before you go out for your ride there are a few helpful ideas you should keep in mind. Whether you are an outdoors person or an urban rider, with these tips from LEED Electric Bike you’ll be able to have a safe and fun ebike ride no matter how experienced you are with an electric bike:

Give Your Bike a Good Tune-up

Before you take your ebike out for a ride, it’s important to double check that every part of is in working order. Waiting until the last minute to go over your ebike is a mistake, because you want to give it a thorough look over. That will give you the best chance to stay safe during an ebike ride.

On your tune-up checklist should be making sure tires are properly inflated and double checking that your bike’s brakes and motor are working properly. Also give everything a thorough cleaning to remove any dirt and grime. If you have time, let a bike mechanic go over everything just to make sure you didn’t miss anything.

The Right Gear for Riding Conditions

Once your ebike is ready, make sure you are ready by getting the right gear. What gear you’ll need depends on the conditions you face during your ebike ride; including distance and type of terrain you’ll encounter. Balancing comfort and convenience with your gear is important. If you are going to ride in the morning or at dusk, reflective gear and lighting is necessary. Bring a tough helmet and safety pads for rougher terrain rides. And of course, get a sense of what weather conditions you will face so that you can stay as dry and comfortable to get the maximum enjoyment from your ride.

Plan Out Your Route

Regardless if your ebike ride will cover rural paths or urban bike lanes, it helps to know what you are likely to face. Electric bikes are great for giving you that extra boost of power needed for rougher terrain. It’s a good idea to get a sense of elevation changes and natural obstacles you may encounter when riding on trails. But if you are relatively new to using an ebike, or the bike itself is new, then knowing what challenges you may face can help you pace yourself and avoid any accidents.

Planning a route is just as helpful if you are sticking to urban riding. Whether your ride is to commute to work or just explore the town it’s useful to know where bike lanes are and which roads aren’t as bike friendly. Test out your route on different days to get a sense of traffic patterns. Also, it doesn’t hurt to come up with a few options in case construction occurs, or so you have an alternative to take in new scenery.

Research Local Ebike Laws

In the excitement of preparing to take your electric bike out for a ride there is one thing many people easily overlook: what local laws are in place. Not every place treats ebikes the same, and it’s important to understand what regulations are in place to avoid legal trouble. Are ebikes classified as a motor vehicle in your area? That can restrict where they can be ridden. Do you need any kind of liability insurance or a license to ride your ebike? What limits on speed or power are there? Researching these details ahead of time can save you a lot of headache later.

Don’t Forget to Have Fun


Being cautious is important any time you go for an ebike ride. But that doesn’t mean it should be a stressful experience. Riding an ebike has a lot of benefits – from better fitness to being more eco-friendly and beyond. Not to mention it’s a great way to get outdoors. Most of all though, it’s fun!

Whether you are building a custom vehicle from an electric bike kit or using a ready-to-go model, going out for a ride is a great experience. Don’t forget to take the time to appreciate your surroundings. Say hello to other cyclists on the trail and appreciate the joy that riding can bring. Even though it can take a lot to prepare for a ride, it’s a great experience that you should enjoy as much as possible.


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