5 Ways to upgrade Your Bike

your bike can use an upgrade to electric with an ebike kit

Every bike owner considers doing upgrades at one point or another. Whether you’re planning to improve the performance of your road bike, do an e bike upgrade for your standard bike, extend the life of your bike or simply save money instead of buying a new bike, there are a number of budget-conscious upgrades you can do to help your bike ride smoother and last longer.

From mountain biking to road biking, upgrades can easily translate to a more consistent ride and greater performance. Here are some of the best upgrades to consider for your bike.

E-Bike Conversion Kits

If you’re a frequent bike user, you’ve probably heard of the electric bike sensation transforming the transportation industry. From community to work to mountain biking, leisure cycling to road cycling, more and more day-to-day bike owners and cycling hobbyists are converting their standard bikes to electric bikes.

With a simple ebikekit, you can make your daily rides on your bike much easier and enjoyable while also being able to carry some extra load than before with the added bike power that comes with an e-bike. If you want to convert your bike into an e-bike, there are different options available in the market.

Perhaps the biggest challenge for most riders when it comes to doing an e bike upgrade is the cost involved. However, LEED Electric Bike offers e-bike conversion kits at a much lower cost than most e-bike brands in the market. Whether your bike is old or new, you can try out either of these two options:

250 Series Electric Bike Kit

One of the best upgrades for your bikes is, of course, converting it into an e-bike. But how do you start off when you’re new to this rising trend? The 250 Series Kit is one of the simplest and easy-to-use e-bike conversion kits out there in the market. With the kit, you’ll be able to transform your manual bike into a motorized bike that can do so much more.

With just a few high-quality parts such a battery (250 Watt), front-hub geared motor and a power cable, you’ll be able to enjoy a high-powered ride in just a few minutes. The kit provider, LEED, makes the installation and conversion process fun, simple and intuitive for anyone.

The kit fits most wheel sizes on the market and comes with a battery management system, a 24-volt controller and simple carry bag for the battery, worry-free warranty and free FedEx shipping to the continental United States.

500 Series Electric Bike Kit

If you’re looking for an e bike upgrade that is more powerful than what the 250 Series ebikekit offers, the 500 Series conversion kit from LEED Electric Bike is the right pick. The kit provides more torque needed to climb even the steepest hills, as well as carrying heavier loads easily.

With the option to choose between a 500 Watt 8FUN front or rear geared motor, you can easily cover more distance with speed and ease, while enjoying the excitement of riding a more powerful e-bike. The kit also comes with a variable thumb throttle system, a 36-volt Li-ion battery, a battery charger, a pedal assist sensor, an LCD computer system and torque arm.

If you’re looking for a perfect balance of quality, power and affordability, the LEED 500 Series e-bike upgrade kit is the perfect option. It comes ready to go with simple-to-install components.

Bike Accessories

Bike accessories

One of the easiest ways to upgrade your bike is to consider adding a few convenient accessories. Whether you own a standard bike or an e-bike, there are few accessories that not only make riding easier but also convenient when you want to do some simple tasks like carrying that extra e-bike battery for more range.

Seatpost Mount

A seatpost mount is a great bike or e bike upgrade for anyone looking to carry some extra load when riding. Seatpost mounts are designed to be light, strong and stable and allow you to carry small trunk bags or even mount a basket to load whatever you need on your way home.

Front and Rear Rack

If you need something stronger to carry your ebikekit battery or heavier weight, a rear or front wheel-mounted rack is a good option. Upgrading your bike with one of these racks ensures that you can carry practically anything you need for your commuting or mountain and road biking needs. The racks are perfect for rugged mountain bikers and e-bike commuters.

Bike Components

Your bike comprises of different components that need regular maintenance and upgrades. If you want some significant change for your bike, consider upgrading to some of these components.

Pedal Assist Sensor

If you’ve done an e bike upgrade, getting a pedal assist sensor to ensure smooth and fast activation of your e-bike motor is a must.

Spokes and Nipples

Dealing with broken spokes and nipples can be frustrating, especially if you use your bike or e-bike regularly. A simple upgrade to stronger spokes and nipples for your wheel size would do you a lot of good.

Handlebar Mount

If you’ve always wanted to add some extra accessories like a speed counter, an e-bike battery monitor, a complete LCD monitor for your e-bike or another smart accessory on your bike, a handlebar mount upgrade is a must-have.

E-bike LCD Computer

Monitor speed

If you want an advanced and high-powered e-bike computer to help you monitor speed, distance and power, getting yourself an e-bike LCD monitor from a leading brand ensures that you get easy access to vital riding data at all times. The LCD computer is mounted on your handlebar and is clearly visible in all lighting conditions.


While many bike owners will be willing to opt for bike or e bike upgrade options like flashy wheels, new tires and even expensive brakes, most forget about the gear and brake cables. Your cables toil on and on, for months and even years, slowly getting dirtier, stretched out, and less effective for use. How about you upgrade those old cables?

Old cables can compromise your brake and gear performance, so save yourself the stress and upgrade to better cables that offer smoother and more accurate gear changes and brake feel. When buying cables, don’t go for cheap. Do a complete re-cabling if need be, and it will be worth it.


Brakes are vital for obvious safety reasons. But how well do you maintain your bike or e-bike brakes? Rather than replacing the usual brake set you already have, how about you upgrade to a more powerful brake set that will offer excellent stopping power and modulation when needed?

The more predictable and powerful your brakes are, the better. When upgrading your brakes, make sure to check for compatible bike or e bike upgrade frames, hubs and forks.

Improve Your Bike

There are other upgrades you can do for your bike, depending on what you want to achieve and how much you’re willing to spend. Maybe you want to improve your bike’s performance or add some accessories that simply make day-to-day life easier like carrying racks.

Want to upgrade your bike to an e-bike? LEED Electric Bike offers affordable and easy-to-install ebikekits to convert your standard bike into an energy-saving bike that covers more ground and makes riding more enjoyable while offering a great way to exercise and keep fit. Convert to an e-bike and hit the road with the 250 Series or 500 Series e-bike conversion kits.


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