5 Reasons To Commute by Electric Bike

ebike conversion kit on tandem fat bike

With all the hype in social media, at your local bike shop, on the news and in magazine articles about electric bikes, one has to ask, “Why convert to an electric bike?” Here’s your answer!

#1 An e-bike not only gives YOU more power, it gives YOUR COMMUTE more life.

More Power means you can commute to work by bike or ride greater distances and feel comfortable knowing you can return back home quickly on an e-bike. This gives you the confidence and physical power to get to where you want to go how you want to get there.

Let’s suppose you have a commute with lots of hills and you just aren’t sure you can motor up them with your own strength or without breaking a terrible sweat. A regular bicycle converted with an electric bike kit or a complete electric bike will get you screaming up and over those hills with ease. Hills can be exhausting and have you arriving to work a sweaty mess. Your bicycle commute does not have to require a shower after. Not any more!

An e-bike allows you to put as much energy into your commute as you want. With the pedal assisted hub motor, you can engage the throttle at will and arrive to work sweat free, refreshed and ready for the day.

commute to work with an electric bicycle


#2 An e-bike gets those who haven’t enjoyed a bike in years back on the saddle.

Folks call in all the time that are going to have surgery or have had surgery. They want to stay active and keep riding their bikes. Physical Therapists use stationary bikes to get our legs, hips and knees back to full use again. Get your physical therapy done with some wind in your hair!

Riding a bike is great for one’s health. In addition to the physical exercise, simply getting outside and getting some fresh air is excellent therapy. It is good for our souls and releases endorphins. As a stay-at-home / work-from-home Mom, if I get outside and get some fresh air with any sort of activity, it boosts my spirits like nothing else can. Whether I am walking, running, hiking or riding my bike outside, I am just simply a happier person and a better mother to my kiddos.

Some of our customers haven’t been on a bike since their youth and some just don’t want to be held back by age. An electric bike offers peace of mind and enables those with physical limitations to have the confidence to ride a bike again. It can be healing both physically and emotionally.

electric bicycle commuting


#3 You are reducing your carbon footprint with an investment in an e-bike.

A small investment in an e-bike or a bicycle conversion kit is your way to help the environment with less commuting by car, bus or train. You are reducing a carbon footprint and helping ease the volume of poor air quality in your region. I know here in Northern Utah, especially in the Winter, our air quality is terrible along the Wasatch Front. In fact, in Ogden, Utah they promote “Idle Free Weeks” to combat air pollution in the Winter. I’m talking about Utah, not China!

Announcements are published in the news and on freeway billboards to carpool or commute by bike. Not so easy in the Winter but I see several cyclists dressed appropriately and commuting in the big cities by bike. An e-bike produces very little pollution for the environment which makes it extremely eco-friendly. We need more bicycle commuters!



#4 An e-bike is a time saver cutting your bike commute time in half.

With an e-bike, you can cut your commute time almost in half, depending on the commuting conditions such as traffic, hills, traffic lights and distance traveled. 500 Series E-Bike Kits and 250 Series E-Bike Kits go 15 – 23 miles per hour and German engineered electric bikes can go even faster.

Speed always varies based on terrain, wheel size, temperature, weather conditions and weight of both bike and rider. But the throttle gives you complete control on how fast you want to ride. With that in mind, you can reduce a commute almost to half by motoring along and conquering those hills in a much quicker pace than when you didn’t have the e-bike.

commuting to work with an ebike conversion kit


#5 The investment in an electric bike can save you in gas money and vehicle maintenance costs.

Investing in a bicycle motor kit, far outweighs the investment of a car and even a bus pass. The time you have to put into maintaining an e-bike is simply just keeping your bike tuned and cleaned and the battery charged, but you would do that anyways, even if you didn’t have an e-bike. The most time you have to put into an electric bike conversion kit is installing it. And for our 250 Series E-Bike Kit that is only five minutes!

The money put into an e-bike kit, like the 250 Series, is a one time investment backed by a worry free warranty. Maintaining an electric bike, in comparison to the money you put into a car plus the vehicle’s gas and maintenance, makes the e-bike a more intelligent investment, which equals a more affordable commute and more money in your pocket for more important things.

electric chopper bicycle


In addition to the above 5 reasons to convert to an e-bike, let’s just say that your coolness factor goes up, your wallet holds more cash, your attitude is more positive from all that fresh air, and your co-workers see you at work on time and sweat free. All of this combined makes e-biking just plain fun getting outside and riding your bike!


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