Folding Bicycles and Rear Wheel E-Bike Kit Conversions

electric bike kit for folding bicycle

If you ride a commuter or folding bike with 16″ or 20″ wheels, then you are now in luck. And if your bicycle commute to work could include the option of riding on the metro or subway then you are also in luck. You now have more options.

Citizen Folding Electric Bicycle Kit

Take my commute for instance. My long distance commute on a bike can either be accomplished entirely by bicycle or I can cut my commute in half on the days I’m winded – particularly toward the end of the week – by using the metro for part of the commute. In the Washington D.C. metro area there are metro stops all over that allow bicycles on the metro during off-peak hours. During peak hours, bikes are allowed on the metro as long as they are foldable. This is where folding commuter bikes are an ideal option and I see them all the time on the metro.


I ride different electric bikes to work but my collection only includes one folding electric bike. It just so happens to be that I do NOT ride this bike EVER. The truth is, it is my wife’s bike AND IT’S PINK!


20″ Rear Wheel E-Bike Conversion Kit

If my colleagues ever saw me roll into work on a pink bike I’d never hear the end of it. Therefore, my only option when I take the metro is to lock my e-bike at the metro and walk the last few blocks after I get off the last metro stop before my office. So for me, a folding bike has not become part of my regular commute, however, for many it is an option and many of our customers have converted their 20″ folding bikes into electric folding bikes by installing our rear wheel conversion kit, which is available as an option at checkout on both our 250 Series Site and our 500 Series Site.


Bicycle commuters have a new-found freedom and have really benefited from our electric bike kits. Take, for example, a recent customer who sent us his e-bike conversion photos and feedback.

I absolutely love this little motor.  This is amazingly torquey for being a 24 volt motor. Thank you everyone at Leeds for simplifying such a complex e-bike concept and at such an affordable price without cutting shortcuts on quality. I am attaching some pics of my new e-bike.

Please share with the world. 

Thank you,

Sonnet Gomes



Leed Electric Commuter Bike

20″ Rear Wheel E-Bike Conversion Kit

Rear Wheel Kits are Best for Folding Bikes

If you have a folding bike it is likely that your front forks do not meet the required front fork measurement of 3.9″ between the dropouts. Some folding bikes do. The first photo in the article is a 16″ front wheel conversion, however, most folding bikes do not have the needed gap between the front fork dropouts to accept an electric bike motor hub. Therefore, the best option to convert your folding bike to electric is to use a rear wheel conversion kit like Mr. Gomes did.

The rear wheel conversion is not complicated, but it does require an extra step in the installation process as you need to install a freewheel onto the 8FUN motor hub, whereas a front wheel electric bike conversion does not require this. Our 8FUN rear wheel conversions work with both disc brake and v-brake systems. This makes your bike a unique electric bike that is sure to please.


For any questions regarding a rear wheel installation, measurements, or compatibility please call us at 866.933.8716 for immediate customer support M-F 9-5 MST. Enjoy!