Get a Jump on your New Year’s Resolution with an Ebike

the only way to ride is with an electric bike

The e-bike industry has boomed over the last few years as manufacturers look to capitalize on the increasing popularity of the e-bike as the ultimate urban mode of transport. While owning an e-bike can be quite an investment, when considered alongside the annual costs of maintaining, fueling and insuring a vehicle, an e-bike is a great investment for your daily commutes and casual weekend outings as it quickly pays itself over time.

Riders interested in buying complete e-bikes or electric bicycle kits certainly have different options available to them. So if you’ve been thinking about trying out an e-bike as part of your New Year’s resolutions, there are a few things that you need to know.

Buying an E-Bike Makes Sense

The majority of e-bikes in the market today are cheaper to operate per mile than your average car. According to industry estimates, the annual cost of maintaining a car is approximately $9,283. Compare that to the annual cost of operating an e-bike, which is around $390, and you’ll see why so many city dwellers are turning to e-bikes for their daily commute. What you get is a reliable and affordable option for your day-to-day traveling needs.

Additionally, you don’t have to buy a new e-bike if you can’t afford the initial cost of buying one. Some e-bike manufacturers provide complete electric bicycle conversion kits that enable you to convert your standard bike to an e-bike with some quick DIY installation guidelines. This means that anyone who already owns a regular bike can easily join the e-biking revolution with just a little investment. Consult e-bike experts when choosing the right conversion kit for your bike.

When it comes to buying a new e-bike, you can get one for as low as $1000. The price varies depending on the design, features and technology, so be sure to read several reviews about different popular e-bikes and try out a few models in person before making a purchase. It’s always important to know what you’re getting for your money when buying an e-bike. Otherwise, you’ll be disappointed when you get home.

How Do They Ride?


E-bikes ride pretty much like a standard bike, only with a few extras that any new e-bike owner will lover. E-bikes are speedy, riding at a respectable 15 mph around town when compared to that of a car around town at 18mph. With its pedal assist feature, an e-bike will get you wherever you want faster and with much ease. Even with the powered pedal assist, e-bikes can still give you a good workout, improving your fitness, cardiovascular health and aerobic capacity.

Whether you’re planning to buy a new e-bike or an electric bicycle kit, you can be sure of enjoying the additional carrying ability of an e-bike. Hauling a load on a standard bike really breaks some sweat, but with an e-bike, you have the flexibility to carry those extra personal items, grocery bags, laptop bags and even leisure gear for a mountain hike all at a steady pace without tiring yourself up.

The Tech Details

E-bikes are great for running short errands around town and even for long-distance travel. They come with rechargeable batteries of different sizes. A good e-bike can travel up to 95 miles on gentle terrain, with some even providing longer ranges than that with a single charge. E-bikes are easy to plug in and can be charged from practically anywhere, unlike electric cars that require dedicated charging stations.

While an e-bike may seem pretty much complicated at first, it’s not much different than your average bike. The only difference is that it comes with a rechargeable battery that makes the bike a bit heavier, a front or rear motor that makes pedaling easier, controller and plugs and other small components included in your electric bicycle kit for small adjustments.

What About Maintenance?

Many people ask about the maintenance required to run an e-bike. Just like a regular bike, you’ll need to do some routine maintenance work. The electrical part of an e-bike is designed to ensure little maintenance. If you follow the simple basic maintenance guidelines provided when purchasing an e-bike or conversion kit, running an e-bike will be easy. Once you’ve bought an e-bike, you’ll need to have your brakes and gears checked one in a while.

Extra maintenance work may also mean changing that uncomfortable saddle or positioning your handlebars slightly differently for a better ride and other small changes. Of course, you’ll need to keep your e-bike clean and avoid using a jet wash or a high-pressure hose as they could remove the grease needed in your gear hubs for lubrication. Keep the tires properly inflated, avoid leaving your e-bike exposed to the elements and use the right lube oil for the chain.

Buy Your Electric Bicycle Kit

It’s always exciting to try out something new. For e-bike lovers, trying our new e-bikes in the market is always a great experience. But for anyone who’s planning to try out e-bikes, opting for an easy-to-install and affordable e-bike conversion kit is a better option if you already have a standard bike. Find quality e-bike parts, kits and accessories at Leeds Electric Bike. Our kits include everything you need to convert your regular bike into a powerful e-bike.


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