Economic and Environmental Advantages of an Ebike

In recent years, growing demand has been observed in the electric bike sector. Today, more ebikes are establishing themselves as the preferred mode of commuting in major cities around the world. According to leading market advisers in the ebike industry, the U.S. market for electric bikes has grown year-on-year by as much as 70% in 2016, and is expected to continue growing as more people embrace ebikes.

Part of the reason why the ebike trend is growing among people of all ages is because of the various ebike benefits that come with riding electric. Here, we’re going to discuss some of the main economic and environmental advantages of riding ebikes.

Economic Advantages

One of the main reasons why ebikes have become so popular is, of course, due to the economic advantages. By choosing an ebike for your daily commute, you get to save anywhere between $2200 and $5400 per year when compared to the cheapest vehicle you can use. Even if you’ll not be using an ebike for daily commute, running a few errands alone or even opting for your ebike instead of public transport that you’ll have to pay for, saves you money.

  • An ebike saves you gas money. A single ebike battery charge can go up to 20 miles
  • You also get to save precious time wasted in traffic and parking when you use an ebike
  • You don’t have to pay for parking, tolls, insurance or annual registration fees
  • Riding an ebike regularly helps you stay fit and saves you significant health costs

Using an ebike is significantly cheaper in the long term, despite the high cost of buying a new one. As one of the core green commuting options being embraced by cities, ebikes are expected to become cheaper as more people gain interest. Switching to an electric bike is much easier today, as you can simply buy an ebike conversion kit to convert your regular bike into an electric one. An ebike is one of the cheapest alternative modes of transport today.

Environmental Advantages

Aside from avoiding expensive gas bills and vehicle maintenance and insurance costs, ebikes provide some positive environmental benefits. Due to the extended range, maneuverability and flexibility, ebikes can now compete with cars in city traffic. Even in sparsely located areas where ebikes are becoming more prevalent due to the known ebike benefits, ebikes can replace many trips traveled by car. One of the reasons why many people are turning to ebikes is to reduce gas and air pollution emissions caused by motorized traffic.

Switching to an ebike can lead to considerable carbon emissions savings and reduced energy consumption. While ebikes are powered by a battery, the long-term effects of riding instead of driving far outweigh the apparent use of electricity use for charging ebike batteries. Using ebikes more also means reduced impact on air quality, especially in large urban areas. With fewer cars on the road, cities can also enjoy more space and reduced noise pollution.

Due to the space efficiency, ebikes can easily meet the demands for mobility, short distance traveling and commuting ease. Up to six or ten bikes can be parked in a single car parking space. The noise pollution due to ebike use is pretty low. People want to live in quiet surroundings and this is one of the ebike benefits behind the growing ebike cycling rate. Every component of an ebike or ebike conversion kit, including the battery, can be manufactured, recycled or processed with lesser environmental impact.

Get an Ebike Today

Whether you want to switch to a green commuting option that saves you money or find a more enjoyable and fun way to cycle for leisure, ebikes are the way to go. You can easily convert your favorite bike into a money-saving and energy-saving mode of transport without having to buy a completely new bike. Join thousands of cyclists who have converted their bikes to electric bikes using our Leeds ebike conversion kit. Order yours today at Leeds Electric Bike.


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