Ebike Repairs | What You Need to Get Back on the Road

Leeds Electric Bike is your one-stop-shop for everything e-bike related. We sell the best e-bike conversion kits, replacement and repair parts & accessories as well as quality cyclist extras. If you’re looking for high-quality repair parts for our 250 Series or 500 Series E-bike Conversion Kits, we have various ebike repair kits to meet your bike repair and maintenance needs.

We know that e-bike repair is pretty different than the standard bike repair. With years of expertise building e-bike conversion kits and working with different type of bikes, you can count on us to deliver the best repair parts and accessories for ebike maintenance. Want to get back on the road fast? Get the right repair and replacement parts for your e-bike at our online shop.

Ebike Motor

While e-bikes are built to last, doing a few repairs and replacements is a norm, especially if you use your bike frequently or carry some heavy loads on your ebike. A motor is perhaps the most important part of your electric bike. Sometimes, excessive weight on your e-bike, lack of maintenance or even wrong installation can lead to hub motor issues and even damage.

At Leeds Electric Bike, we stock both the front and rear 8FUN Planetary Motors for our 250 Series and 500 Series Ebike Conversion Kits. If you have a damaged or malfunctioning motor, you can get an extra front or rear hub motor for your replacement needs and a compatible throttle and cable set for your ebike repair kit.

Complete Front and Rear Wheel

Want to replace a wheel on its own or buy a complete ebike wheel kit to replace your old one? Whether you have an existing 250 Series or 500 Series ebike kit, we have a complete replacement wheel kit for your e-bike repair and maintenance needs. Our wheels are custom built to your specifications, available in four sizes and come laced and trued by our experienced bike-building specialists.

Our ebike wheel kits are designed for easy installation, so you can get back on the road quickly. Order our complete front or rear wheel kit or a customized ebike wheel with us today and enjoy a two-year worry-free warranty.

Ebike Batteries

Maybe you need a new battery to replace your old one or an extra one to juice up your ride when needed. Having a spare battery for your e-bike is definitely one of the must-haves for the frequent e-bike rider. We stock different types of ebike kit battery systems with different capacities that come with everything you need for a quick plug and play upgrade or replacement when needed. All our ebike battery systems are fully compatible with our Leeds ebike kits.

Get a U.S/International battery charger that matches with your battery kit – sold separately or included with your purchase of an ebike conversion kit. Our battery kit systems are powered by Samsung Li-Ion cells that ensure long-lasting power for your e-bike. Include a 250 Series or 500 Series battery in your emergency ebike repair kit by shopping online today.

Ebike Electronic Speed Controllers

Your ebike’s controller is the “magic box” behind your e-bike’s functionality. It regulates the electric current coming from your battery to your bike’s motor. If it fails to work, you’ll not enjoy the electric assistance that makes riding an ebike fun. If you need a replacement 24V e-bike controller for your ebike repair and maintenance needs, we sell a pre-wired controller to ensure simple on and off operation when plugged into the Grip Switch Cable Set that’s sold separately.

Other Repair Parts

Whether you need replacement cable guides for our 250 Series ebike kit, ebike lights to replace broken ones, double motor axle torque washers, spokes and nipples for our 250 Series or 500 Series 8FUN motor, a wired computer, battery charger, controller and throttle replacement or a pedal assist sensor to replace your damaged one, we have a variety of quality repair and maintenance parts for your ebike.

Need Help with Installation?

Installing our 250 Series and 500 Series Electric Bike Kits and repair parts should be fairly simple and straightforward. We provide easy-to-follow installation guidelines and videos to ensure our customers get their ebikes up and running with little effort. Whether you want to learn how to put our ebike conversion kits together or replace certains parts when doing small repairs and maintenance work, we offer the help you need to start riding or get back on the road.

If you need help with the installation of our ebike kits or repair parts, feel free to talk to us at (866) 933-8716 or email us at support@e-bikerig.com for reliable and fast installation support. Our experts are always here to help you choose the right parts for your ebike repair kit and answer your questions.


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