Know Electric Bike Safety – 4 Must Know Safety Tips

Did you know that there’s a link between longevity and how you commute to work? In a study, people who biked to work were 41 percent less likely to die compared to folks who took public transportation. The benefit also extended to those who only cycled part of the way, as well as those who walked to and from work. The reasons are obvious. Physical activities, such as biking, promote heart health and weight control. If you bought yourself an electric bike as a way to be fitter and healthier, you can’t forget about electric bike safety.


Here are some bike safety tips to keep in mind whenever you’re going out for a ride.

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1. Understand Your Ride

If you learned to ride a bike as a kid, you know that there are general bike safety rules to follow. These include wearing a helmet and proper attire.

And while these still apply to electric bikes, there are differences you’ll want to take note of.

For one thing, e-bikes are heavier and can reach higher top speeds. Not knowing how to handle them can lead to crashes and other dangerous scenarios.

If it’s your first time riding an electric bike, make sure to check your speed. Get a feel for how it works at lower speeds before you crank it to the fastest assist setting.

2. Always Ride Defensively

Are you riding the most expensive electric bike out there? Even if you do, it’s not a guarantee it will protect you from other drivers.

That means it’s on you to learn how to be a defensive rider. Don’t assume that everyone on the road understands what safe bicycling is and what it entails. If you have to think that other drivers are out to get you, so be it.

You see, some drivers will see a bike and think “Oh, there’s no way he or she will catch up.” They misjudge an e-bike’s speed and drive like they have all the time in the world to make a turn or brake in time.

Knowing this means you can’t second-guess your decisions. Brake when you need to or move out of the way as you see fit.

3. Invest in the Right E-Bike Accessories

As we’ve said before, the right accessories can make your riding experience better. They will also make it safer.

Some accessories you should look into buying are lights, locks, storage, and mirrors. You should also invest in a full-suspension e-bike if you can.

Other accessories to consider are a small bell, glasses and gloves, and an e-bike toolkit.

4. Don’t Forget about Proper Inflation…

…of your tires, that is. The right tire pressure will give you better control. And this will help you avoid collisions.

If you need help gauging the perfect electric bike tire pressure, you can check this guide. And while you’re at it, don’t forget to double check your tires.

Make sure they’re not bald. With all that extra power, losing your grip with the road can only spell disaster.

Need More Bike Safety Tips?

Whether you’re using a traditional bike user or an e-bike, following bike safety tips is a must.

If you’re looking for more bike riding safety articles, don’t forget to check out our blog. You may also contact us for more information.


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