Top 10 E-bike Accessories

e bike kit accessories

E-bikes have in the past few years gained a lot of popularity as a trendy, flexible and versatile mode of transport, especially within cities. Across Europe, China and even in the USA, there is a noticeable surge in demand for e-bikes, and further growth is even expected in the coming years. With growing consumer interest, e-bike kit accessories are also joining the fold.

The right accessories not only make the experience better and safer but are also a must-have for e-bike users. Here, we’re going to discuss the top 10 accessories you should have to improve your e-bike riding experience.


Helmets are one of the most important accessories for anyone riding a bike, regardless of riding conditions or speed. These days, you can find helmets with extra features like integrated lights for added safety. Safety is a priority when riding, so you’ll want to invest in a quality helmet that’s the right size and style for you, and always wear it when riding your e-bike.


Lights are another must-have e-bike accessory. If you regularly get home late from work or run some errands after dark, you definitely need safety lights for your e-bike. Choose the right design for your e-bike and consider getting a front and rear light set that’s powered by your battery pack. Remaining visible in all weather conditions, whether at night, noon or morning can help keep you safe. Get a bright light so you can see and be seen.


A new e-bike costs significantly more than your standard bike, so to make sure that your investment lasts, invest in one or two locks. As far as e-bike kit accessories go, bike locks should be at the top of your list. Some e-bike models come with GPS theft recovery options. But still, you can avoid the hassle of losing your e-bike by investing in a nice combo pack for locking your two wheels.


casual-weekend-rider Whether you’re a serious e-bike commuter, a casual weekend rider or a leisure e-bike user, having the ride storage for your e-bike is crucial. It might be that bottle holder on your e-bike frame or a front or rear basket or rack for holding your bicycle lock, helmet, gloves and even a dozen of other small personal items, groceries on your way from work, or luggage. Storage racks or panniers simply make riding easier, more convenient, and safer for you.


You shouldn’t be riding your e-bike in the streets without mirrors. Investing in a left side handlebar mirror or even a set for both sides is a safety precaution you should not take lightly. Cars passing by can run quietly, and when riding your e-bike, your hearing will most likely be clouded by wind noise. Being able to see a car approaching from behind is critical for your safety. There are different types and styles of mirrors available, and cheap too.

Suspension Seatpost

If you spend a lot of time on your e-bike and have the money, you can invest in a full-suspension e-bike. Riding comfort is important when riding your e-bike, so consider including a good suspension seatpost to your e-bike kit accessories list. If your ride feels stiff, your arms, back and neck will likely feel tired after long rides. Improve your ride by investing in suspension accessories like a suspension seat post that fits well.


Alerting unsuspecting pedestrians or passengers with a bike horn may seem like a good idea until you scare someone like an elderly person to death. Get a small bell for your e-bike for a more standard and friendlier way of alerting people. Bells come in different designs that can easily be mounted on your e-bike’s handlebar.

Glasses and Gloves

When riding, your eyes need to stay focused. Get yourself safety glasses to reduce squinting due to the sun, dryness due to the wind or other problems like contact with dust and other particulates when riding. With an e-bike, you tend to ride faster and further, so protect your eyes. Padded gloves are also another overlooked accessory that can offer protection in the event of a fall and also offer warm riding and better riding comfort on your hands in bumpy ride conditions.

Flat Protection

Having the right flat protection for your e-bike is critical, especially because e-bikes tend to weigh more than standard bikes and ride further. Whether you have pre-slimed tubes, a tubeless setup with flat protection sealant or kevlar-lined tires for puncture protection, you’ll still need air to keep your e-bike running. You need to get a good portable pump or CO2 cartridges as part of your e-bike kit accessories just in case you run out of air on your home.

E-Bike Tool Kit

Many of the standard maintenance and repair jobs on an e-bike can be handled by common tools, like metric Allen wrenches, screwdrivers and an adjustable wrench. However, e-bikes require several maintenance tools that you won’t find at hardware stores. To make your maintenance and repair work easier, invest in a complete e-bike tool kit. Most e-bike brands have nicely assembled e-bike tools in one handy kit.

Buying Your E-Bike Accessories

When it comes to buying quality e-bike accessories, you need to do your research widely to find the right accessories and toolkits that match your e-bike. LEED Electric Bike is one of the industry-leading providers of complete e-bike conversion kits and things e-bike related. From e-bike toolkits to products like storage racks and accessories, we bring you a wide variety of e-bike necessities to complement your riding experience.

Buy e-bike kit accessories at LEED Electric Bike today.


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