10 Reasons Why E-Bikes Are Better Than Traditional Bicycles

More than 100 million Americans jump on a bicycle and go for a bike ride at least once every year. Some do it for fun, while others use their bikes to ride to work. But for whatever reason, there are lots of people who are still hesitant about riding e-bikes as opposed to regular bikes.

If you fall into this category, you should know that there are so many advantages that you’ll get to enjoy when you start using an electric mountain bike instead of a traditional bike. For starters, you’ll have a lot more fun cruising the streets on an e-bike.

But that isn’t the only reason to consider investing in an electric mountain bike today. There are many other benefits that will come along with doing it, too.

Here are 10 reasons why e-bikes are better than traditional bikes.

Pacific Beach Boardwalk Trail

1. E-Bikes Help You Travel Longer Distances in Shorter Amounts of Time

Electric bikes and regular bikes can both get you from point A to point B. You can ride your bike to work, to the gym, to your friend’s house, or wherever else you might want to go.

But when you ride an e-bike rather than a regular bike, you’ll get from point A to point B a lot quicker. Most electric bikes will allow you to move 15 to 20 miles per hour. That’ll get you anywhere you want to go quickly.

With this in mind, you’ll be a lot more likely to ride your bike when you have an electric version. When you know that it won’t prevent you from making good time when you take a trip on it, you won’t mind pulling it out of your garage or shed and taking it for a spin.

2. They’ll Encourage You to Ride Your Bike More Often

There are studies that have suggested that you’re a lot more likely to ride an electric bike than a regular bike if you own one.

One particular study that was conducted by the Transport Research Laboratory showed that almost 50 percent of people with regular bikes only use them once a week. By comparison, more than 80 percent of people with e-bikes use them once a week with about 30 percent of people using them at least once a day.

If you find that you don’t ride your regular bike as often as you wish you did, investing in an electric mountain bike could instantly change your biking habits. It appears as though you’ll be more inclined to pull your bike out and ride it when it’s outfitted with electric.

3. They’ll Get You Into Much Better Shape

Some people mistakenly believe that electric mountain bikes won’t get you into good shape like regular bikes will. They’re under the impression that these bikes will do all the work for you and reduce the amount of exercise you get.

This couldn’t be further from the truth. While e-bikes will make it easier to ride your bike when you hit the road, you’ll still be pedaling just as much as you would on a regular bike. You’ll also likely be traveling longer distances on your e-bike, which means you’ll pedal even more than you normally would.

This will allow you to enjoy all the health benefits of riding a bike. Some of those health benefits include:

  • Improved cardiovascular health
  • Increased strength and flexibility in muscles
  • Better joint mobility
  • Decreased stress
  • Lower body fat
  • And more

After owning an electric bike for just a few weeks, you’ll feel better about your overall health and work yourself into the best shape of your life.


4. E-Bikes Allow You to Commute to Work More Effectively

The idea of taking your regular bike to work might sound good. But once you’ve actually done it, you might find that you don’t enjoy it.

Regular bikes won’t get you to work very quickly. They’ll also force you to work up a sweat prior to arriving at your workplace, which probably isn’t what you’re going for.

Electric mountain bikes, on the other hand, will make commuting to work a breeze. Showing up for work late will be a thing of the past. Not only will you be on time, you will also be able to avoid working too hard on your e-bike. This will prevent you from sweating profusely and walking into work looking like a sweaty mess.

You’ll actually enjoy riding your e-bike to work every morning and home every night. Once it becomes part of your daily ritual, you’ll wonder why you didn’t start doing it sooner.

5. They’ll Help You Save Money

Are you tired of spending hundreds of dollars on gas and car maintenance every month?

When you purchase an electric mountain bike, you can cut down on a lot of your monthly transportation costs. Even if you only ride to work every couple of days or ride your bike to the store instead of taking your car, you’ll limit the amount of money you have to pay to use your vehicle.

As a bonus, you’ll also be helping the environment when you ride an e-bike instead of driving your car. You won’t have to worry about your e-bike putting harmful fumes out into the air like your car will.

6. They’ll Keep You Safe When You’re Riding Around

Riding a regular bike on a public road can be dangerous. Since you’re in charge of building up speed and then bringing your speed back down, you’re always at risk of getting into an accident on the road with other bikes or vehicles.

E-bikes will give you more control of your bike. You can speed up when you need to get out of a tough spot or slow down when you approach a crosswalk or a turn. You’ll also be able to keep up with the flow of traffic better on an e-bike than you would be able to on a regular bike.

Additionally, there are many U.S. cities that are embracing the e-bike movement and making it easy for those with electric mountain bikes to get around. This trend is expected to continue and hit new cities as e-bikes become more and more popular.

"I put this kit on a Catrike Trail recumbent tricycle, and I love the way it works. The motor is quiet and smooth, with way more power than I'll ever need." e-bikes

“I put this kit on a Catrike Trail recumbent tricycle, and I love the way it works. The motor is quiet and smooth, with way more power than I’ll ever need.” #ebike #ebikekit #etrike #electrictrike #catrike #trike #recumbenttrike

7. E-Bikes Make Climbing Up Big Hills Possible

Is there anything worse than making it halfway up a hill on a regular bike and then realizing that you’re not going to be able to continue anymore? You have to jump off your bike and walk it up the rest of the way before getting back on.

You’ll never encounter this issue when you use electric mountain bikes. They’re designed to make it easy to navigate hills without a problem. Whenever you need a little extra boost to get up a hill, they’ll spring into action and carry you as high up a hill as you need to go.

8. They’ll Handle Windy Days With Ease

Outside of hills, one of the other big challenges people face when riding regular bikes is dealing with the wind. Trying to ride into the wind on a windy day can really ruin a biking experience.

This is another challenge that is no match for electric mountain bikes. If you ever find that the wind is making a bike ride too difficult on you, use your e-bike to your advantage. It’ll help you push through the wind without a problem.

It’ll also help keep you safe on your bike. You’re less likely to get knocked over by a stiff wind from the front or side when you have electric on your side.

9. They’ll Give You the Chance to Explore New Places

If you enjoy getting out and exploring new places both inside and outside of your city or town, you’ll love the opportunities electric mountain bikes provide.

You could try to explore these places on a regular bike. But you would likely find it difficult to spend hours and hours on a regular bike.

With electric bikes, you can go just about anywhere you want and see just about anything you want to see. Whether you’re hitting up a huge park or riding on a long nature path, your e-bike will help you explore.

10. They’ll Help You Make New Friends

The e-bike community is growing by leaps and bounds at the moment. New people are investing in electric mountain bikes every single day.

When you decide to do it, you’ll quickly make new friends in the e-bike community. You’ll see others in your city or town riding around on their e-bikes and strike up conversations with them.

You might even find new bike riding partners before long. It’ll make you glad that you purchased an e-bike as opposed to sticking with your regular bike any longer.

Start Riding Around on Electric Mountain Bikes Today

Would you like to become part of the e-bike movement without spending a fortune? You can actually turn regular bikes into electric mountain bikes with e-bike kits.

These kits will help you transform any bike into an e-bike quickly and easily. In no time, you can see what all the e-bike hype is about and enjoy the benefits of e-bikes listed above.

Read our blog to hear more about the advantages of going with an e-bike over a regular bike.


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