30k E-Bike Kit w/out a Laced Wheel (250 Series)



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The Leeds 250 Series DIY 30k Electric Bike Kit

Designed for the DIYers who can lace the wheel themselves or have a local bike shop that can lace the wheel for you.

The Leed 30k e-bike kit is the 15-20 mile distance e-bike kit. It is the best way to customize your wheel to the wheel of your choice. This kit includes everything you need to assemble your e-bike within five minutes from start to finish of installation after you have had your motor hub spoked to the wheel of your choice at your local bike shop. You are now ready to ride your way to saving money, the environment, and enjoying biking like you never have before. The system will guide you at checkout asking if you need a disc brake on your hub or not. It is that simple. We have redefined simplicity with the 30k e-bike kit. 

The Leed 30k E-Bike Kit includes:

Our lithium battery is powerful enough to take you 15-20 miles on a single charge. It is 10.4Ah 4.5lb (3″x5″x8″). All our e-bike batteries come pre-installed in a rain and mud-proof bag that fits right into your frame bag or seat post bag for extra protection. We believe in protecting your investment, that is why we try to prevent any future issues from the start so your product will last for years to come. If you treat the lithium battery right, it will last more than 1500 charges and take you places you never thought possible. Our pressure grip switch is as simple as they come. We believe in simplicity and the grip switch we offer defines such. It is adaptable to you meaning you can position it properly on the handle bar to where you prefer as you ride. It is as easy to move as a flick of the wrist and you can now reposition it to a different location on your hand as you please. Simply grip and go. The charger is a smart auto shutoff charger for U.S./International 110-240v, 50-60hz wall sockets. 
We guaranty you will be smiling ear to ear from the first time you hop on your converted e-bike to the last time you ride. It is a joy to feel the air in your face as you pass cyclists on the trail. Watch their confused look as you quietly pass them on your e-bike. They will have no idea it is even an e-bike!
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Weight 11 lbs
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