The Electric Bike Conversion Kit: Perfect for Beginners

electric bike conversion kits are for beginners and expert cyclists

For many experienced DIY-ers, electric bike conversion would mean buying each part separately. But for beginners, an e-bike conversion kit is the more viable option especially if you’re new to e-bikes.

One of the great things about buying e-bike kits is the cost—you save more on a single kit compared to buying each part individually. Each kit usually come with all the essentials for successful e-bike conversion: the motor, a lithium battery pack plus charger, battery-motor-throttle cable system, complete wheelset, cabling zip ties, pressure grip throttle, and a weatherproof battery bag.

To assemble the e-bike, just open the e-bike conversion kit and follow the instructions inside. Depending on how fast you work, you can complete your electric bike conversion project in just a couple of hours. If you wish to upgrade your e-bike later on, we also have a selection of individual parts.

Not exactly thrilled by the idea of assembling the e-bike by yourself? No worries, our experienced staff can also do the conversion for you.


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