Caring For Your Ebike in the Winter

commute by bike or an ebike even in the winter

As temperatures drop and snow begins to fall, you may think it’s time to bundle up and stay indoors. Just because the seasons change that doesn’t mean you have to store your electric bike and let it collect dust until spring. With the proper care and ebike maintenance routines, you can continue riding on the trails and roads during even the coldest days.

Because of the electric components on an ebike, getting it ready for the winter is a little more complicated than when you want to keep riding a traditional pedal bike. But just because it is more complicated doesn’t mean it has to be more difficult. Here are some tips from Leeds Electric Bike to keep in mind to get your ebike ready and make sure everything remains running strong throughout the entire season:

Protect the Battery from Extreme Temperatures

There are a lot of sensitive components on modern ebikes. But no part requires more thoughtful ebike maintenance in the winter than the bike’s battery. Because ebike batteries are lithium ion, it is extremely sensitive to different temperatures. When you ride your ebike in the extreme cold of winter the battery will “leak” its charge faster. Thus you won’t be able to ride as far as you would in the summer before your battery dies.

How you store your battery in the winter is also important in order to avoid spending more time on electric bike repairs before going for a ride. This is because charging a battery when it is frozen can cause serious damage. To avoid harming the battery’s cells, you should bring the battery inside after every winter ride. Storing batteries at room temperature or letting them slowly warm up before charging is the best way to protect a battery and get the most out of it during the winter.

Thoroughly Clean Your Bike

Owners know that keeping a bike clean to prevent wear and tear is just as important as performing electric bike repairs. Wiping things down with a cloth and some cleaner to get rid of grime from roads and trails is always important no matter what season you are riding your bike in. But when it comes to winter riding, your bike actually gets even dirtier than at other times of the year.

Because of the salt, sand, and gravel used on icy roads to keep them safe for cars, you’ll need to perform ebike maintenance even more regularly. These particles can aggressively wear on your bike’s components and cause rust and grit buildup. Making sure that you thoroughly clean your bike with lubricants after every ride can help you avoid a major breakdown or other safety hazards.

Changing Tires for Changing Conditions

chaining tires

With the change in riding conditions that winter brings you’ll want to make some modifications to your bike to compensate. One of the biggest changes comes with the surfaces you ride on. And to adjust to more hazardous surfaces, it helps to swap out your bike’s regular rubber tires.

Studded tires are a popular alternative in the winter that can give you better traction on plowed roads or icy sidewalks. If you prefer to stick to trails, fat tires are the way to go. These tires are excellent for softer and deeper snow pack, but are generally more expensive than tires with studs. Fat tires also don’t have the flexibility to fit on every style of electric bike the same way tires with studs do. So it’s important to know what kind of riding you will do to get right tire.

Avoid Riding through the Slush

While riding your electric bike during the winter can be fun, you’ll want to be careful what kind of roads you ride on. Riding your bike through the snow is possible with the right equipment, but what you should avoid is riding through slush. As the snow melts, it can easily get splashed onto your bike – causing the often salty mixture to seep into gears and other hard to reach spots. If you aren’t careful of this or pay extra attention when performing ebike maintenance then you could end up rusting out your bike and causing serious damage.

Stay Warm and Safe with the Right Attire

Along with the need for extra ebike maintenance and changing your riding behaviors, you’ll also want to make sure to dress properly for the weather conditions. Warm clothing options are always a good idea. But you also want to make sure to have clothing that is waterproof, because getting wet often means getting sick. This is one of the advantages of riding an ebike: thanks to their motorized assistance you won’t have to exert yourself as much and will sweat less. Getting something that is more breathable is also ideal so you can stay warm and comfortable no matter how long you ride.

When it comes to winter clothing to wear when you ride, you need something that will do more than just keep you comfortable. Because there are fewer daylight hours in the winter it is important to wear bright clothing; preferably something with reflectors. That way you will be more visible and can be safer around vehicles during your ride.

Best Options for Storage

The last thing you want to focus on when it comes to ebike maintenance and winter care is how you store your bike between rides. Except for the battery, every part of ebikes can be stored outdoors. But the important thing is to make sure ebikes are well protected against the elements including rain and snow. Because of that, it is ideal to put them in a garage or basement: anywhere that will stay dry overnight. Investing in a cover is a good idea too. Winter storms often bring gusting winds and with a cover you’ll be able to minimize any electric bike repairs that are needed from the nicks and bumps of debris.

For all your ebike needs, visit Leeds Electric Bike. We have everything from ebike conversion kits to maintenance to accessories. Explore our collection today!


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