Will Electric Bikes Replace Cars?

Do you want to live a healthier, happier, and more eco-friendly life? According to Engineer Zach Krapfl, all you need to do is rethink your mode of transportation.

Having a car may seem like an absolute need, but European countries are showing us that may not be the case. In fact, in 2013, more bikes were sold than cars in Europe.

But will eco bikes really be able to replace cars? We’ve got five reasons why we think Europe may be on to something.

1. Save Money

No matter how you plan on buying it, your car is expensive. And once you start adding in additional costs like gas and routine check ups, these babies can cost you an arm and a leg.

An eco bike, while initially a little pricey, can actually end up saving you money. Depending on which model of bike you get you’ll spend at least a couple grand.

But add up how much money you’ll save on no trips to the gas station and you’ll be happy to drop the cash.

2. Help the Environment

This one may seem obvious, but using an eco bike over a car significantly impacts how big your carbon footprint is.

Research shows that there was a big difference in the carbon dioxide released between a car and an e-bike traveling the same distance, with the e-bike coming out on top.

So even if you were to take an e-bike a few times a week and drive the longer distances, there would still be a major impact on how much pollution you’ve released.

3. Lighter weight, Easier Access

Ever see those motorcyclists weaving and bobbing through traffic and feel some envy?

If you own an eco bike, the possibilities of routes can take nearly triple.

Because the bikes are lightweight, you could literally pick it up and take a bike path, so even construction and traffic jams won’t stop you.

Also, talk about how much easier your life will be when you don’t have to deal with parking. And with so many different options out there, you could even find an e-bike that’s able to fold into a more compact bike, so you could literally fit it anywhere.

4. Building Bike Lanes Costs Less Money

This may not seem like an immediate benefit to your wallet, but hear us out.

Cities often spend millions of dollars just on re-doing already existing roads and highways. If they were to build more bike lanes instead, it would only cost a small percentage of what they spend yearly.

This could end up reducing your taxes as well majorly clearing out some high-traffic areas.

Basically, creating these easy access lanes can benefit everyone.

5. Improve Your Health

While biking all the time may not be for everyone, even using an eco bike every now and then can improve your health.

You don’t have to be a 25 year old at the peak of health to use an e-bike. In fact, many people are surprised at how easy and fun it is to use an eco bike, even if it’s just a quick trip to the store.

Many countries around the world have people of all ages an incomes using e-bikes to get around that have seen health improvements.

Eco Bikes Are the Future

The U.S. may be finally catching up to a trend that has long been a huge impact on European countries.

If you’re interested in finding out more about eco bikes and how they could be a great replacement for your car, check out our site for some great resources. You’ll be ahead of the curve on what could be a transportation revolution.


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