4 Things You Should Know Before Buying an Electric Bike

Electric bikes are an interesting turn in the biking industry, but what makes them different from the other bike-variations that we see around town? Further, what should make us buy electric bikes?

There are a number of benefits that eBikes have over traditional bikes. Whether you’re interested in the ease of cruising at a consistent speed, or new hobby of understanding the machine, there are clear perks to owning and operating an electric bike.

That said, there are some things you should know before you take the step to buy one. Knowing your budget and preferences before you step onto the sales floor will greatly increase your ability to save money and choose effectively.

What to Know Before You Buy Electric Bikes

Most of these things have to do with your preferences and tastes, as the type of bike you buy needs to fit into your lifestyle. This is the same as buying any other bike, except in this case the bike has a lot more features and versatility.

Now, let’s look at 4 things you should think about before buying an electric bike.

stay active with an electric bike

1. What Kind of Ride Will You Choose?

There are two primary ways that eBikes push themselves: the pedelec and twist-n-go systems.

The pedelec is the most similar to an actual bike because it allows for you to do some of the work by pedaling. That said, your pedaling is supplemented by a motor that compensates your speed. In other words, if you want to cruise at a speed of 15 mph and you’re only pedaling at a rate of 9 mph, the engine will make up for that remaining 6 mph.

This is nice because it still gives you the exercise of a normal bike while moving along at an accelerated speed. The next option is the twist-n-go.

The twist-n-go is similar to a moped in the sense that the speed is controlled by a switch on the handlebars. This is fit for those who are looking to go for a relaxing cruise.

2. What Kind of Motor Suits You?

There are two primary types of eBike motor, both suited for different environments. You have the options of hub motors or crank motors. The hub motor is mounted into the frame of the bike at the wheel and is a relatively smooth sounding, easy engine.

The hub motor is your best option if you’re planning on cruising through light terrain in neighborhoods and cities. The crank motor, on the other hand, is a louder, yet more versatile engine. If you’re planning on moving up large hills and the like, you may want to choose the crank motor.

3. Consider Battery Life

More expensive bikes will have longer lasting, higher quality batteries. That said, lower-end bikes may use more battery power but also come with the option of cheaper replacements.

You want a battery that will last for around 3 years of daily commuting. Your battery should be scheduled to last for 800 charging cycles, and you should do your best to maintain and preserve that battery to make it last longer if possible.

4. How Much Do You Want to Spend?

Really great electric bikes aren’t always the cheapest, so you’ll want to do a lot of research into your habits, your preferences, and the market before making a decision.

You are typically looking at anywhere from 2,500 to 5,000 dollars when buying a bike. That said, you may not need to spend huge money if you’re just looking for something that you can ride around and enjoy.

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More and more people want to buy electric bikes. There is a lot of research and data to show the benefits of these bikes, as well as cost analysis to see which one would work for you.

If you’re in need of more information on eBikes, we’ve got you covered.


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