Things You Should Know About Electric Bicycle Maintenance

Just like an ordinary bicycle, a motorized electric bicycle that sees a good amount of use will accumulate some wear and tear over the years.

Since an e-bike is a big investment, it’s even more important that you perform routine maintenance. Taking good care of your e-bike is the best way to ensure it keeps running smoothly for a long time.

Check out these electric bicycle maintenance tips to keep your bike in top shape.

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The biggest difference between an e-bike and a regular bicycle is the battery.

Most e-bikes use a lithium-ion battery, which is the same type used in most cell phones and laptops. There are some practices for handling them, which will extend their life and keep you charged for longer.

The first tip is to recharge after every use. This will help preserve the life of the individual cells inside the battery. As a general rule, aim for only partial discharges for a lithium-ion battery, rather than a full discharge.

Another key aspect of preserving your e-bike battery is to keep it out of extreme temperatures.

High heat will cause the battery to deteriorate, while extreme cold can cause damage from condensation. Keeping your e-bike in the sun or in a hot garage is not a good idea.


Because an e-bike uses a motor as well as the normal human leg power, the drivetrain that makes your wheels move endures more stress than on an average bike.

One of the biggest causes of drivetrain deterioration is the grit and abrasion caused by dirt or sand. It’s important to make sure your bike’s gears and chains are cleaned and properly lubricated.

First, use something like a toothbrush and warm water to scrub and clean each of the links on the chain. Be sure to dry the chain with a clean cloth to prevent rust.

After the chain is clean, use a special bike chain lubricant to keep everything protected and moving smoothly.


For your e-bike to run well, its tires need to be well-maintained.

Before going for a ride, check your tire pressure to see if they’re inflated enough. Underinflated tires mean it takes more power to move the bike.

Also, be sure to check if there is enough tread on your tires. The tread gives your wheels traction, providing more oomph and helping prevent accidents. It also makes it harder for sharp objects to give you a flat.

If your tires are worn out or damaged, replace them before riding again.


Because of your e-bike motor and enhanced propulsion, brake maintenance is vital to your safety.

The tell-tale sign of brakes that need extra care is a squeaking noise when in use. Wash any gunk off of the brake pad with rubbing alcohol, and check the wear indicator line. If the wear is past the line, it’s time to replace the pads.

Electric Bicycle Maintenance Is Important

Routine bicycle maintenance is a critical part of protecting your e-bike investment. It will also keep you safe both on the road and on the trails.

To learn more about e-bike safety, check out these laws and safety resources!


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