The Definitive 5 Minute reading about Ebike Kits and Electric Bikes

Time to upgrade your ride with Ebike

Ebike kits and Electric Bikes

Bicycles have been an excellent means of transportation for every age group for four over a hundred years. Riding a bike is great for your health and diminishes the air contamination, ecological footprints, carbon emissions, which are great for the environment.

A surprising fact which you should know is that until World War II, the bicycle was the most used means of transportation. Though, the recent recession and increase in the price of oil have made people shift towards cheaper, environment-friendly transportation. For many, they made the transition to electric bikes.

The electric bike is similar to a traditional bicycle. However, unlike a traditional bike, an electric bike has an electric motor. These motors can be built into the bike or added to a traditional bike. You can find different options for the e bike kits.
How Does an ebike kit work?

Parts of an Electric Bike

• Battery
• Controller
• Electric Motor
• Pedaling Sensor or thumb throttle
• Wiring System

Like most electronics, an e-bike will have a power button. Once the power is on you can start pedaling. If you use a 250 Series Kit you will need to press the thumb throttle to give motor assistance. If you use a 500 Series Kit you can press the thumb throttle or pedal. The pedal sensor will see you pedaling and automatically give you motor assistance.

E bike kits will help start moving more easily, climb hills, and sustain faster speeds for a longer distance.
To stop the motor just like stopping a car. To stop, just stop pedaling or take your thumb off the throttle and pull the brakes.

Types of Electric Bikes

Complete Electric Bicycle:

As the name suggests, complete electric bikes are prebuilt with an electric motor, battery integration, etc. However, these purpose-built bikes tend to be a bit more pricey. If you’re in the market for a new bike already than a fully integrated e-bike might be your best bet.

Folding Electric Bike

Pictured above is the Leeds MetroCross LowStep! This bike folds in seconds and has a powerful 500 Watt Motor and a huge range of 40-50 miles! See the MetroCross here!

Traditional Bike Converted with an Ebike kit:

Some people want to keep their current bike or have a specific reason for not buying a complete electric bike. For example, one reason might be that with an electric kit you can convert your bike back to a normal bike very easily. When you need the motor again, install the kit again. Our 250 Series Kit installs and uninstall in only 5 minutes.

ebike kit conversion

A Leeds Ebike Kit on a Customers Bike

Additionally, the price of an e-bike kit is a fraction of the cost of a complete electric bike.

Advantages of Going Electric

• E-bikes are more reasonably priced than fuel-powered cars and motorcycles. In addition, you won’t need to pay for fuel.
• Reducing fuel consumption reduces pollution
• It is suitable for road and off-road riding.
• It is fun to ride!

These advantages make e-bike the best option. If you want to experience e-bike riding, you can choose from different off-road e-bikes for sale.

Legal Requirements of Electric Bikes and ebike kits

There are three classes of e-bikes in the United States. All products from Leeds Bikes meet the requirements of these three classes of e-bikes. Each state enforces its own laws regarding these three classes of e-bikes. You can learn more about electric bike laws in your state by visiting

If you are looking for an alternative means of transportation or are a bike enthusiast looking for something different, an ebike kit or complete ebike might be right for you.

Leeds Bikes believes the world will be a better place with more people on bikes, electric or traditional.


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