Electric Bike Motor is making a Funny Sound

electric bike motor is making funny sound

Sometimes when the electric bike kit is installed incorrectly a scraping sound may occur. If this happens, please check the following to ensure a proper ebike kit installation:

  1. Remove the axle from the forks and reinstall. Make certain the axle is flush against the dropouts as it is seated before tightening the axle nuts.
  2. Check to see if there is sufficient clearance between the electric bike motor and the fork. If the motor is rubbing against the fork, please click here for assistance creating the needed space.
  3. Check the disc brake to see if it is rubbing against the brake system.

Despite the fact that this is an uncommon issue, it does happen from time to time. The below video is from a customer who was having this problem. After removing the wheel and reinstalling, he determined that the wheel was not seated appropriately in the dropouts of the forks. Reinstalling the wheel fixed the issue immediately.


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