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The World’s Smallest Electric Bike Kit

PBJ Range: 4 Miles

If you are looking for an easy-to-install e-bike kit, our Pocket Bike Juice Kit (PBJ) 2.6 Ah electric bike kit with pedal assist is the perfect solution. This is the world’s smallest electric bike battery system, and it packs a pretty big punch! This e-bike conversion system will give you a hefty boost on hills and it will also provide a faster pedal speed with its powered pedal assist. This is a great introductory kit that comes in a fully loaded and compact package, and it installs in as little as five minutes. Perfect for casual bike riders and commuters. 

Pocket Bike Juice Kit Benefits

This e-bike kit provides power for a distance of a little under 4 miles, and with it you can achieve a speed of 16 mph unassisted, or a speed up to 20+ mph if you are pedaling as well. With this electric bike kit with pedal assist, there is no need to buy a brand new and expensive e-bike! Just pick up the kit and convert your old bike, which saves 200% – 800% in the process.

  • Save 200-800% by Converting Your Bike to E-Bike
  • No Need to Purchase an Expensive E-Bike
  • Stay dry and fresh on your daily commute.
  • Ride Year Round Without Sweating or Freezing
  • Shorter Commuting Time
  • Increase the Life of Your Bike
  • People Don’t Know Your Bike is an E-Bike
  • Upcycle Your Bike by Converting
  • Pedal Easily With or Without Electric Power
  • Cleaner Environment
  • Happier Commute
  • Increased Pedaling Efficiency
  • Decreased Stress
  • Improved Health

With an e-bike kit, you’ll have a cleaner source of transportation, and you’ll reach your destination clean and fresh without having to break a sweat or grow tired. As this kit provides a complement to pedal power, you can pedal all you want and get the exercise of a normal bike, which provides improved physical health and wellness.

Additional Benefits

Electric Bike Kit PBJ Benefits

PBJ Specifications

PBJ Electric Bike Kit Specifications

The PBJ includes:

  1. Front or Rear 250 Watt BAFANG 8FUN Geared Motor Hub
    1. Front or Rear Motor Available
    2. Black or Silver Motor Available
    3. Disc and V-Brake Compatible
  2. 2 Year Warranty
  3. Complete Hand-Built Wheel Set
    1. Laced and Trued Ready to Ride
    2. Silver or Black Rims Available
    3. Tube and Tire Available
  4. Sealed 2.6 Ah 24 Volt Samsung Li-ion E-Bike Battery Pack
  5. Built-in Battery Components
    1. Proprietary Charger
    2. Proprietary Battery Management System (BMS)
    3. Proprietary Circuit Module (PCM)
  6. Lithium Battery Charger (USA/International 110-240v)
  7. Singular Cabling System
    1. Pressure Grip Throttle
    2. Motor to Controller
    3. Controller to Throttle
  8. Cable Zip Ties

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