E-Bike Battery Systems: Ratings and Real World Performance

electric bike sunset

Leeds e-Bike Kits is a leading distributor of e-bike kits and battery systems needed to turn a standard bicycle into an electric bicycle. The battery packs that we bundle into the kits—and those we sell individually—are products that we ourselves believe in to be the most reliable.

The e-bike battery and motor is the heart and soul of an electric bike—while the motor dictates speed and pull power, it’s the battery that dictates how far and for how long you can run your bike on electric power. When shopping for e-bike battery systems, you’ll see that each individual battery’s spec comes with a rated distance, which may closely coincide with the model’s name (for example, the Samsung 30K is rated to take you 20 miles, or 32 kilometers).

On the other hand, real-world performance and distance is affected by outside factors like wind, temperature, terrain, inclines and slopes, and even the rider’s weight. A good rule of thumb is to expect real world distance to be around 70-80% of the battery systems’ rated distance. Again, it still depends on the conditions of your usual routes, but a few days with your e-bike kit and selected e-bike battery should let you gauge the real world percentages for your needs.

See our FAQ page for more information on our electric bicycle battery kits.

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