Highlights of the 500 Series Ebike Kit

500 watt electric bike conversion system explained

The increasing popularity of electric bikes has brought a surge of attention to ebike conversion kits, that are making it easier and cheaper to transition into the world of electric assist biking. Younger, more experienced riders are looking for high-end, mid-drive motor systems that push the ebike riding experience further with more power, reliability, speed, and range. The 500 Series Ebike Kit from Leeds Electric Bike is one of the most reliable ebike kits in the market today for riders who want everything about their traditional bike, but want a kit that enables them to ride faster, longer and further.

By simply replacing the front or rear bike wheel of your regular bike and strapping on the included battery pack, the Leeds 500 watt ebike kit allows you to enjoy the benefits of electric assist cycling. The kit comes with a standard 36v Lithium-ion battery system that easily propels a cyclist of average weight, approximately 20 mph without pedaling. All 500 Series kits come with wheels that are hand-built by Leeds for maximum quality assurance at a reasonable cost.

convert your bike to ebike with an electric bike kit

To understand the Leeds 500 Series ebike kit, we’re going to discuss some of the main highlights that make the kit the perfect option for commuting power.

The Ultimate Multi-Purpose Kit

The Leeds 500 Series Ebike Kit is designed for cyclists who are looking for a simple, yet more complex and proven multi-purpose ebike kit that enables them to build a high-power ebike with responsive pedal assist sensors (PAS) and a grip and thumb throttle system that’s controlled with an intuitive LCD computer. Most customers of the Leeds 500 Series are cyclists looking to significantly reduce their commute time and convert to a more powerful ebike without having to invest in a new electric bike that would cost anywhere between $2000 and $4000.

With a 500 Watt 8FUN front or rear geared motor and a battery system powered by Samsung Li-ion cells, the kit provides the power and torque needed to carry heavier weight and climb steep hills easily. When it comes to finding a powerful kit for ebike conversions, the 500 watt ebike kit comes with everything you need to ensure a reliable ebike build.

The Leeds 500 Series Kit includes:

  • Fully laced and trued Leeds wheelset
  • Powerful 500 Watt 8FUN planetary motor
  • Grip and thumb throttle system
  • 36 volts Samsung Li-ion cell battery system
  • Quick release battery that charges in 4-6 hours
  • Lithium battery charger
  • V10 pedal Assist Sensor (PAS)
  • KM-SS LCD computer system – measure speed, distance, battery power and more
  • Front torque arm
  • Cabling for all ebike kit components
  • Weatherproof rear-mount or tube battery housing
  • Proprietary battery management system (BMS)
  • Proprietary controller and battery housing keys
  • Step-by-step installation instructions for the 500 watt ebike kit
  • Limited warranty

Two Battery Placement Options

Two Battery Placement Option

The Leeds 500 Series Ebike Kit comes with two battery placement options:

  • 35K tube-mount battery system – 30 miles
  • 40k rear carrier battery system – 35 miles

The 11 AH 35K Ebike kit contains a 500 watt motor that’s designed to run only when you want it to. The battery system allows you to speed up to 22 mph with enough power to ride up steep hills and do long commutes with much ease. The 35K kit has a range of up to 30 miles, comes with a USB charger for mobile devices, is compatible with any bike model, and comes with everything you need for complete installation.

The 13 AH 40K rear carrier battery system offers up to 30 to 35 miles in range at speeds of up to 22 mph. The kit also comes with everything you need to get it installed and get riding. With our 500 watt ebike kit, you don’t need to purchase a new electric bike. Easily ride all year-round without sweating and commute to work easily and faster with the top kit for ebike conversions. You can also pedal with or without electric power.

Ease of Installation

To ensure that customers find it easy converting their regular bikes to ebikes with the Leeds 500 Series ebike kit, Leeds Electric Bike offers easy-to-install components that get you up and running in no time. The installation process is simple, though it may need some slight modifications to your front fork for specific types of bikes. The kit comes with an LCD monitor that easily helps you monitor your speed, distance covered, battery power and other details as you ride. The monitor assists you in making your ebike riding experience even more satisfying.

Leeds experts pride themselves in offering expert knowledge, customer service, insights, and installation support. Whether you want to learn more about the 500 Series ebike kit or how to go about installation, Leeds Electric Bike experts are ready to assist you.

The Benefits of the Leeds 500 Series Ebike Kit

The Leeds 500 watt ebike kit offers a number of benefits over your regular bike. Here are some of the top reasons why you should opt for the high-powered ebike kit:

  • Choose which features you want to install for your conversion and enjoy easy installation
  • Cut your commute time on the bike in half with our 500 Watt bike kit conversion
  • Ride continuously in the highest gear and reach top speeds with ease
  • Save more money by using your ebike more instead of your car
  • Arrive home or get to work dry without any worries of sweating
  • Enough charging power to get you going and even charge any device
  • Pedal with or without battery power
  • Be more environmentally friendly by switching to electric
  • Enjoy a more active life, cover more range and get to your destination faster

The Perfect Balance Between Quality, Power, and Affordability

Perfect Balance Between Quality, Power, and Affordability

To ensure the best performance out of the 500 Series ebike kit, Leeds recommends a maximum weight of 300 pounds for the rider, bike with motor, and cargo. Based on customer feedback on the 500 Series ebike conversions, performance when riding on steep hills is often degraded when the total weight exceeds 300 pounds. Our ebike controller adds an extra layer of protection for increasing your battery life and ensures constant power for your ebike.

When it comes to charging your battery, our 500 watt ebike kit comes with fast charge capability that allows full charging in four to six hours while protecting against overcharging with its inbuilt auto shut-off feature. The Leeds 500 Series ebike kit offers the perfect balance between quality, speed, and affordability. It sets the standard for high-performance ebike kits and is one of the simplest 500 Watt ebike kits available in the market for the lowest price imaginable.

Transform your ride with a powerful ebike kit that comes with optional features and simple installation by choosing our Leeds 500 Series Ebike Kit. Simply select a rear or tube battery and complete your conversion. Order your 500 Series kit at Leeds Electric Kit today.


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