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The Fast Mid-Distance Electric Bike Kit

35k Range: 25 Miles

The 500 Series is twice the power of our 250 Series (250 Watt) Electric Bike Conversion Kit. It is a fully integrated high power system that completely brings your bike to life and transforms how you interact with the environment. It is the best 500 Watt e-bike kit available with and has the best price tag.

The 500 Series sets the standard for high performance kits and disrupts the electric bike market. Transform your ride with an intermediate level e-bike kit installation and optional features that are included with all our kits. 

For the 500 Series, we returned to our manufacturers with our requirements and collaborated with engineers to bring multiple features into one single electric bicycle kit for half the cost of our competitors’ offerings using our new proprietary battery management system and controller integrated into simple housing. The 500 Series is powered by Samsung and 8FUN. 

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The 500 Series 35k Features

500 Series Electric Bike Conversion Kit Features

35k Electric Bike Kit Benefits

  • Save 200-600% by Converting Your Bike to E-Bike
  • No Need to Purchase an Expensive E-Bike
  • Commute to Work Dry and Fresh
  • Ride Year-Round Without Sweating or Freezing
  • Shorter Commuting Time 
  • Increase the Life of Your Bike
  • People Don’t Know Your Bike is an E-Bike
  • Upcycle Your Bike by Converting
  • Pedal Easily With or Without Electric Power
  • Cleaner Environment
  • Happier Commute
  • Increased Pedaling Efficiency
  • Increased Happiness
  • Improved Health

35k Electric Bike Kit Specifications


The 500 Series 35k includes:

  • Fully Laced and Trued Wheel Set 
  • 500 Watt 8Fun Planetary Motor 
  • Cabling for All Components
  • Flexroute Universal Cable Guides 
  • KM-SS LCD Computer (Velocity, Battery Power, Travel Time, 5 PAS Levels)
  • 36 Volt Samsung Li-ion Battery System 11 Ah 
  • Weatherproof Tube Battery Housing
  • Lithium Battery Charger (USA/International 110-240v)
  • V10 Pedal Assist Sensor (PAS) 
  • Proprietary Battery Management System (BMS)
  • Variable Thumb Throttle
  • Torque Bracket Arm
  • Proprietary Controller 
  • 2 x Battery Housing Keys 
  • Installation Instructions 
  • Limited Warranty

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Weight 21 lbs