10 Ah 350 Watt Leeds CyberScooter

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The Ultimate Fold-Up Electric Scooter

The Leeds CyberScooter is the ultimate compact electric scooter. With 27 miles of range per charge and a max speed of 15 miles per hour, this fold up electric scooter will get you anywhere you need to go.

Choose your perfect speed! The Leeds CyberScooter comes with three power modes. Sidewalk mode maxes your speed to 5mph, cruise mode sets your speed to 10mph, and sport mode sets your max speed to 15mph. Each power mode is equipped with cruise control!

This 350 watt electric scooter folds in just three seconds for easy carrying and storage. It also comes with a replaceable battery. Carrying multiple electric scooter batteries with you allows you to double or even triple the distance your scooter can go!


Battery Size: 10 Ah 36 Volt Li-Ion Rechargeable and Detachable

Motor: 350 Watt Hub Motor

Max Range: 27 Miles

Max Speed: 15 Mph

Max Weight: 260 lbs

Cruise Control: Yes

Scooter Weight: 33 lbs

Water Resistant: IP54 Rating

Handlebar Height: 44″

Ground Clearance: 6.3″

Max Climbing Angle: 15°

Charge Time: 4-5 Hours

Is a Fold Up Electric Scooter Right For Me?

The Leeds CyberScooter 350 watt electric scooter is an excellent mode of environmentally-friendly transportation. Its portability and ease of use make it a great choice for commuters. You can store your scooter inside a small apartment, the closet, the trunk of a small car, or even under your desk at work.

The CyberScooter is also a great travel companion. One of the best ways to explore new cities and destinations is via scooter! Once you’re in the city, pull out your electric scooter and you can easily explore without having to constantly find parking. When you go inside a building, just fold up your electric scooter and carry it with you — there’s no need to lock up your scooter outside.

Riding the CyberScooter is easy: you’ll feel right at home from the moment you step onto it. To get started, simply push off a few times with your feet, then use the thumb throttle to engage the motor. From there, let the 350 Watt Electric Scooter Hub Motor do the hard work for you!

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