250 Series Components


Electric bikes are getting more popular by the day. Since they’re reasonably priced and readily available, you can easily purchase them online. However, for DIY enthusiasts, nothing beats the satisfaction of successfully converting their regular bike into an e-bike on their own. If you’re looking for high-quality electric bike parts you’ve come to the right place! Purchase 250 Series components a-la-carte and DIY your electric bike kit today!

Our selection of electric bike parts is ideal for replacements, upgrades, or for completing a new DIY e-bike conversion project.


You’ll need to purchase these parts to make a complete 250 Series Electric Bike Kit:

Apart from the electric bike parts mentioned above, we also offer spokes and nipples. Our stainless-steel spokes are designed to accommodate standard wheel sizes with the 250 Series electric motor. Available sizes include 205 mm for a 24-inch wheel, 229 mm for a 26-inch wheel, and 259 mm for a 700c, 29-inch wheel.

Are there any other electric bicycle parts you’re looking for? Please let us know, and we will do our best to provide them for you!


If you do not want to build your own e-bike kit from scratch, our complete line of e-bike kits are the solution for you. With an electric bike kit, you won’t have to purchase your e-bike parts separately. Best of all, installation takes only a few minutes. Each kit includes everything you need to convert your regular bike into a powerful e-bike.

All our 250 Series E-bike Conversion Kits include the following components:

  • Motor Hub
  • Complete Wheel Set
  • Lithium Battery Pack with Charger
  • Battery-Motor-Throttle Cable System
  • Weatherproof Battery Bag
  • Pressure Grip Throttle
  • Cabling Zip Ties

You can select the color of the rim and wheel size, plus the optional Specialized SpeedZone Sport LCD computer for measuring the distance (wired or wireless), and extras such as a rear bag.

Leeds is a one-stop online shop for e-bike conversion kits, parts, and accessories! If you have questions, please feel free to give us a call.

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