Video | A Guide to Electric Bike Battery Bags and Frame Bags

revelate designs electric bike battery bag

Looking for a great solution to carry your electric bike battery and extra gear on the road? has compiled a list of the best frame bicycle bag options that allow you to carry everything you need on your bicycle and also help protect your electric bike battery. Frame bags are THE SOLUTION to protect your battery as they allow for the battery to ride suspended from the top tube as opposed to connected directly on the frame which may lead to bumping and excessive pressure placed on the lithium cells during an off-road bike ride. Certain battery systems are designed for bike frames and we offer these with our 500 Series E-Bike Kit and our electric bike line, but one of our favorite and most simple designs is our 250 Series E-Bike Kit because it offers multiple solutions for every bicycle.

You will find a comprehensive list of frame bag designs below which offer various zipper styles, waterproofing solutions, and even custom setups that you can submit cardboard cutouts of your frames and many of these companies offer these custom bags designed just for your bike. Please note that we offer the Revelate Designs Frame Bag and Leeds Bicycle Solutions Frame Bag in our e-bike kit online store. A frame bag is measured using the top tube as seen below.

CompanyLocationBag NamePrice
AlpKitUnited KingdomPossum / Stingray£50 / £65
Alpine LudditesColorado, USACustom Frame Bag$120
Andrew The MakerMissouri, USAFrame Bag: Half / Full$160 / $220
ApiduraUnited KingdomFrame Pack: Road / Mountain£60.00 / £65.00
Banjo BrothersMinnesota, USAFrame Pack: S / M / L$32.99 / $34.99 / $39.99
BarFly BagsUtah, USAFrame Pack: Half / Full$75 / $110
Barking Bear Bag WorksMichaigan, USACustom Frame Bag$120
Becker SewingAlaska, USACustom Frame Bag$135
Bedrock BagsColorado, USACustom Frame Bag$150
BeerBabe’sUnited KingdomInner Tube Custom Frame Bag£80
Bike Bag DudeAustraliaHalf Frame Bags / Full$200 AU / $240 AU
Bike-BagUnited KingdomStandard Bags£41.50
BikepackPolandFrameBag329 zł
Blackburn DesignCalifornia, USAOutpost Frame Bag: M / L$59.99 / $64.99
Bolder Bikepacking GearColorado, USAFrame Packs$75
BurgfyrGermanySlotbag: M&L / XL / Custom€85 / €90 / €110
Cleaveland MountaineeringColorado, USACustom Frame Bags$110
Conquer Bikepacking BagsThailandFrame Bag
Crater PacksColorado, USACustom Frame Bag$125
Defiant PackColorado, USACustom Zipperless Frame Bag$160
FairweatherJapanCorner Bag / Frame bag$49 / $77
GiantTaiwanScout Bikepacking Frame Bag: Half / Full$75 / $85
Gupgum GearMinnesota, USAHalfbag / Fullbag$100 / $120
Hamilton ThreadworksUtah, USAHalf / Full Frame bag$60 / $150
InuvikSpainColgona / Triangle / Flexible€100 / €130 / €165
Leed Bicycle SolutionsUtah, USAFrame Bag S / M / L$39
JPaksColorado, USAHalfpak / Framepak$150 / $180
Miss GrapeItalyInternode€97,00
Nuke SunriseTexas, USACustom Frame bag$110
Oveja NegraColorado, USAThe 1/2 Pack: M / L$75 / $80
Phantom Pack SystemsNew Brunswick, CanadaCustom Frame Bag$115 CAD
Porcelain RocketAlberta, CanadaCustom Frame bags$160
RestrapUnited Kingdom#CarryEverything – Frame bag S/M/L£39.99 / £49.99 / £59.99M
Revelate DesignsAlaska, USATangle / Ranger / Ripio$90 / $160 / $165
Rock GeistNorth Carolina, USAFlyrock Partial Frame Bag / Mudlust Full Frame Bag$70 / $95
Rogue Panda DesignArizona, USAPartial Frame Bag / Frame bag$75 / $95
Spok WerksSwitzerland6 Pack / 12 Pack€120 / €150
Stealth Bike BagsNew ZealandHalf Frame / Full Frame$130 NZD / $150 NZD
Switchback BikebagsColorado, USACustom Frame Bag$99
Ural TourRussiaCustom Frame Bag$40
Wildcat GearUnited KingdomOcelot / Leopard Series£65 / £90
Wanderlust EquipmentJapanBlade Frame Bag¥8,800
WanderlustVirginia, USADivide Custom Frame Bag$125


Our personal favorite frame bag is the Revelate Designs Tangle Bag which is available in our online store. The Tangle Bag fits the 250 Series PBJ, 10k, 10k+, 30k, and 30k+ e-bike batteries, but does not fit the Ultra and Ultra+ unless you are using their largest size frame bag. See the review below from